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Family of four find a Houston Newborn Photographer in The Heights

You hope for just one good photo.

But this season is worth an entire gallery of incredible photos—which is exactly what you'll get with us.

As parents, sometimes we hold our little ones and it feels like the entire world is smiling back at us. While other times it feels like… corralling baby dinosaurs.

They miss their nap, or “no” is all they can say, or they’re red in the face because today they don’t like how socks feel. Whatever it is, it’s sure to happen the day of your session. Instead of holding your breath, hoping by some miracle you can get at least one good image — trust us.

Trust that we are still able to see your kiddos, even on a bad day. Trust that we can anticipate the quick moments that yield the most perfect portraits of them. You know, the ones that make you go, “When did that moment even happen?” And trust that we will get you ALL of those good photos.

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“I could never imagine walking through family photos without this team.”

Kind Words

Of all the "stuff" that we spend money on for kids, I am most grateful for the beautiful photos, memories, and experience with Lentille Photography. As a mama juggling all of the things and navigating the new body, the new schedules, and the new family dynamics, I could never imagine walking through family photos without this team.

- Prina S

Here's the deal
We've thought of it all. To keep...

1. Your heart happy
2. Your confidence at Lizzo level
3. Your kiddos (and partner) content
4. Your home's walls full of memories
5. Your role as a mother; your children's growth, and your family's intimate connection at the forefront of every session. And celebrated in every photo.




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Pictures tell a story, and our job is to help you remember the way had that phase of a quirky smile, they lost all of their teeth at once (but you still took the pictures anyway), they had to always hold your pinky, or they twirled that one piece of their hair...

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Come as you are,
Love as you are

Our studio serves as a safe space for all people.

allison derrik

mom and newborn snuggle during a photography session in Houston Texas

The Lentille team has taken the stress out of family photos, all you have to do is show up and they take care of everything else! Allison has literally thought of every detail. The entire experience was just magical and the studio was a dream. I am so thankful for these amazing women who made this special moment in my family’s life effortless and for giving us amazing photos to cherish.

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Family of four outdoor session during spring
Beaded BLHDN dress during newborn session
mom and son hug during a motherhood session
Family of four during a Fall sunset photography session
Toes and a cake smash
Mom lifts son up during a maternity session
Family of five kiss and hug during an outdoor family session
maternity photo with a lace gown
Dad kisses mom while holding a newborn baby girl
Mom holds baby during their newborn photo session
Fun Newborn family pictures
simple wrapped baby picture
Backlit photo of family on the bed in a Houston photography studio
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