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Owner & Photographer

The lighting is perfect, the juice boxes are cold, and baby burritos never become less cute. Here’s where trauma bonding over diaper blowouts, while in full glam, and wrestling with your toddler in a $400 gown feels totally normal.

What do you have to show for stopping by? Gallery quality, grandpa-tear-inducing, forever-precious photographs of time spent with your family.

We are the baby whisperers, fluent toddler speakers, child negotiators, mama commiserators, partner-winner-overs, and your new favorite photographers here a Lentille Photography, nestled in the most dreamy studio in your favorite area---The Heights, Houston, Texas.

allison craig of lentille photography in a studio
Monette Anne of Lentille Photography

here's the deal

your kids are always

going to act a fool...

We're going to roll with it and still get perfect photos of them.

Kids have a sixth sense for photos, but despite any crankiness, defiance, or silly chaos they have brewing we know it only takes us .02 seconds to snap the perfect photo of them. So…

Do we need to distract them from the newness of the space? We can throw on Bluey or Peppa Pig or < insert current hyper fixation show here >. Are they feeling cranky and need a snack? Been there! We have bins of tasty snacks in neutral packaging. Are they the kind of little one to stonewall a stranger? Cue the fart noises and one woman circus. Does your oldest get a little jealous of the new addition to the family? Here is my invite to them and their snotty fingers to help me take some pics of you (I have insurance for a reason).

We will do everything, anything to make them feel seen and happy — so we can catch a glimpse of all the wonderful, silly, and sweet parts of them that you love oh so much.

we're ready when you are!

Meet our amazing products



we really


heirloom album example linen cover
framed gallery wall with lentille photography

Complimentary design services are included with every session, because let's be honest---who has time to figure out how to piece together their favorite pictures and find the time to know what frames and sizes will look good and actually fit on their wall? We do, and we've got you!

let's do this



how we do things around here....





positive micromanagement

creating a

safe space

warm tones & chill vibes

approachable luxury

Regardless of race, identity, sexuality, or religion — this is a safe space for you. We will never stop advocating for minorities, women’s rights, or our beliefs for the sake of making other people comfortable.

We support our community by donating monthly to The Conscious Kid and HAWC (Houston Area Women's Center).

Who said that was a bad thing?! It’s who we are and turns out people LOVE it. The more we can take off of your plate the easier it is for you to walk into your session with complete confidence that there’s nothing to worry about, because we have already thought of every-little-thing.

Our signature style is timeless while being grounded in true connection. Each photo has a warmth that makes it glow. That glow comes from the outfits, the lighting, but mostly —from your family. Because you all felt comfortable expressing yourselves and your connection with each other.

Why does it feel so good to spray a $300 perfume on your favorite Target tee? Because there’s something satisfying about investing in what’s important to YOU. We will do everything possible to make you feel special in choosing to invest in this experience.