They were right when they said, “Babies don’t keep.” It seems like each new day, you wake up to subtle changes in your little one. The newborn wrinkles fade, their eyes shift colors, and they start finding brand-new ways to explore the world. You need a way to make this time last, and we want to be the baby photographer in Katy TX to help you do it!

At Lentille Photography, we specialize in full-service portrait sessions that give you gorgeous memories of this time. If you’ve been looking for the perfect team for your family, we would love to tell you what you can expect from our sessions to decide whether we’ll be a perfect match (Spoiler: we think the answer is yes!). 

4 Things to Expect During Your Session With Baby Photographer in Katy TX, Lentille Photography!

A happy mom in a white dress snuggles with her smiling toddler daughter on a bed in a studio

Convenient Location

236 W 25th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

To begin with, we give you a convenient space where you can come and relax during your session with your baby photographer in Katy TX. You don’t need to stress out about straightening the nursery or washing that mountain of laundry that has become your new Everest. We’re located in The Heights in Houston, giving you a quick and easy drive from Katy, Texas. Come on by, and we’ll do the rest. Let us know if you’d prefer a home session, and we’ll make it happen! 

Hair and Makeup

We’re moms ourselves, so we get it. The first few weeks after you have a baby, you’re probably dealing with sporadically washed hair that may or may not have spit-up and bags under your eyes that are honestly kind of impressive! With our full-service Katy TX baby photographer sessions, we bring in a team of hair and makeup artists to give you the A-List treatment. You can meet with them at our studio or have them come to your house. 

Relaxing and Kid-Friendly Environment

Again, we’re moms, so we know what it takes to actually make a kid-friendly baby photographer space. We’re not just going to give you a corner with old toys of various stickiness. We treat your child to the works! A kids’ corner has toys, snacks and drinks, and Netflix. If they get antsy, they can go into the humongous green space out front to run around or swing on the swing set. You will have a changing area and a quiet place to nurse or feed. You can even bring some PJs and change your child before you leave so you can plunk them right in bed following the drive home. 

Capturing Real Moments

We’re not here to give you those forced, fake smiles where you look at the pictures and instantly think of how much you spent in Katy, TX on that baby photographer session. We’re here to create a genuinely fun experience that leaves you with authentic portraits. Bring on your crankiest or shiest kiddo; we guarantee we’ll have them smiling by the end! We’re pretty shameless and will do what it takes to get those smiles, whether we’re giving you our best comedy routine or turning your session into a karaoke party. We want to show off their unique personalities while helping your family create real moments.  

You Deserve A Luxury Experience With Your Baby Photographer In Katy TX

So, what do you think? Are you saying "yes" about your new favorite baby photographer in Katy TX? If you’re still not sure, we would absolutely love to sit down and have a conversation so you can find out more. Contact us today so we can chat!

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