There’s so much to know when it comes to having a baby, and it constantly feels like the rules are changing. Every decade, parents have done what they could to keep their babies safe, and each generation looks back on those pictures with the slight thought, how the heck did I survive that?! With so much research constantly coming out, it helps to have local experts who will stay up-to-date on the data and give you the most reliable information. If you’re trying to navigate the newest ways to protect your baby, you will adore Baby’s & Kid’s 1st. This Texas store supports your family as if you were their own! 

About Baby’s & Kid’s 1st

Some of the best businesses come about by accident. This is precisely the case with Baby’s & Kid’s 1st. When Larry and Yvette Muller had their third son in 1987, Yvette decided to stay home with her kiddos and do the hard work of being a stay-at-home mom. Like many families, they still needed a little extra income to make it work and turned their house into Baby’s & Kid’s 1st. 

Their garage was the warehouse, and the nursery was the showroom. Soon, they started attracting customers from all over, and it eventually came time for their baby (store, that is) to leave the nest. The shop now has two stores in the greater Houston area. With over 30 years in business, this family-owned shop knows exactly what you need for your little ones. 


Baby’s & Kid’s 1st has a philosophy that if they wouldn’t feel safe putting their own children in the gear, they won’t sell it. As a result, the shelves are stocked with incredible products you can feel good about. Whether you need a stroller that you can push while training for the Houston Marathon or prefer an all-weather cruiser, the store has everything you need for on-the-go. 

They sell Baby Bjorns perfect for keeping your baby by your side and car seats that will protect your baby on the road. Their playards are a must-have for camping trips, while their bassinets are great for those early months when you want your baby right by your side. 

The shop has a terrific selection of furniture to completely outfit your nursery. Their dressers are equipped with anti-tip technology, while their cribs are ideal for a safe-sleeping environment. You can find toddler beds that will transition with your baby and gliders that make those 2 AM feedings a little cozier. 

Mother in a white lace dress lays and looks over her sleeping newborn baby Baby's & Kid's 1st


Above all else, the store is here to keep your little one safe. They offer certified car seat technicians who will ensure your car seat will fit in your car before you make the purchase. And when you purchase a car seat through the shop, you’ll receive a complimentary install. 

The shop offers ongoing maintenance on car seats and strollers. They’ll do everything from fit your car seat for the next baby to correcting any rickety wheels so you can get rolling again! 

The shop provides delivery and setup with their furniture. They’re also here to provide recommendations to ensure you’re getting the best products for your family. 

Baby's & Kid's 1st

Baby’s & Kid’s 1st has spent years being a fabulous option for families across Houston. From expert recommendations to reliable products, this store has everything you need for your little ones. 

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