No one ever warns you how intimidating it can be to buy kids’ toys. It feels like it should be so straightforward. Just stand in the toy aisle and pick out something fun. But suddenly, the doubt kicks in. Is this something the kid will like? How long until this gets broken? What do kids play with these days, anyway? And suddenly, you’re panicking in the toy aisle, desperately scrolling through Google. That is why I love Big Blue Whale Houston. This toy store has engaging toys for kids of all ages and employs experts to help you find what you need. 

About Big Blue Whale Houston

Big Blue Whale was founded in 2014 by Vanessa and Jim Wodehouse. The pair wanted to create a store catered to kids and adults. They went to work stocking the shelves with a fantastic combination of nostalgic and modern toys. Quickly, families fell in love with the shop. In 2019, the shop expanded when Karen and Fred Rosenberg decided to sell their beloved store, On the Park. The Wodehouses now keep On the Park true to the original vision of Karen and Fred while using Big Blue Whale as their passion project. The two stores are must-visits! In the past year, Big Blue Whale has earned the “Best Toy Store” title by the Houston Chronicle.


Big Blue Whale offers a vast selection of toys for every age. From soft plush teethers to giant play forts, the shop has items for the entire family. Furthermore, they sell popular brands such as Melissa & Doug, Lego, Faber-Castell, and Bruder. Big Blue Whale has an entire Pretend Play section to let kiddos exercise their imagination. They can get puppets, dress-up clothing, Calico Critters, and play animals. The store sells modeling clay, craft kits, special markers for little artists, and exciting games that will liven up any family game night. And if you need a spot to stock your nursery with Texas-proud books, you’ll love their library. 


One of the store’s biggest draws of Big Blue Whale is its love of nostalgia. The owners adore hearing customers perk up as they find toys they played with years ago. The store sells Spirographs, the Simon Electronic Memory Game, the original Monopoly, and tons of other kitschy toys that will instantly transport you to another time. 

The store has a wonderful online option that lets you pick up your purchase at the store. You can browse online by age and have your order ready to go. It’s perfect for those Saturday mornings when it’s time for another birthday party you may or may not have forgotten to put on your calendar. 

Boy sits on his father's shoulders with mom by their side in a grassy path big blue whale houston

Big Blue Whale Houston

If you’re looking for a new favorite store for the entire family, I know you will love Big Blue Whale Houston. This whimsical shop has everything from unexpected time capsules to the most popular gifts. 

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