When your child is young, it can be hard to get them to cooperate with…well…pretty much everything. After all, why should they have to clean up their room when there are so many cool toys on the floor they could be playing with instead? And isn’t it a little unreasonable to ask them to eat the homemade spaghetti that you lovingly prepared after they declared it to be their favorite food just yesterday? So, when it comes to family portraits with a family photographer in The Woodlands, you’re probably expecting a few tantrums along the way.

Don’t worry—so do we. That’s why we’ve created a guide of tips to help you know how to get your child to cooperate during pictures with a family photographer in The Woodlands. By the end, you’ll be so impressed with the results that you’ll want to frame them to remember them forever. 

3 Tips for Getting Your Child to Cooperate During Your Session With a Family Photographer in The Woodlands

Let The Professional Lead!

We all know the feeling so well. You go to pick up your child from daycare or mother's day out, and the teacher tells you how well your child listened, only for your immediate reaction to be, “Really?! My child?!” Kids just listen better to strangers rather than to their parents. Until science can tell us why that is, we’ll continue to use it for gorgeous portraits with a family photographer in The Woodlands. Put your faith in your photographer and let them lead your session. Chances are, you’re going to look at the finished product and think, “Really?! That’s from the same session I was at?!” 

Relax and Lower Your Expectations

We know that relaxing is easier said than done. But seriously, don’t worry about a thing. Any good family photographer (cough, cough) will go into their sessions with the understanding that The Woodlands kids are going to be a little wild. Just go in with realistic expectations. We don’t need them to sit perfectly still for every second of the session. They want to run a little wild, and honestly, that makes for some realistic and beautiful pictures.

Give them plenty of space to be themselves, and they'll most likely listen a little better when it comes time for the more posed portraits. We’ll do our part to keep the sessions fun by playing games, telling our classic jokes, and dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. We don’t just want you to have gorgeous pics; we want you to have a truly unforgettable time! 

Wait on Snacks & Bribes

Every parent knows the power of a good bribe. The only issue is that if it’s utilized too soon, it kind of loses its power. That’s why we advise you to hold off on all the bribery (and the sugar) until the session is over. As a family photographer in The Woodlands, we understand the delicate timing of the sessions. So, we will make sure your child doesn’t activate their super hyper-sugar mode halfway through your pictures. Just follow our lead, and we’ll make sure your child is rewarded when it’s time. 

We Hope This Helps Your Family Prepare For Your Next Session With A Family Photographer in The Woodlands

Getting kids to participate in family photos can be pretty complicated. But with the right tricks, you’ll have stunning pictures you’ll treasure for years to come! And if you want to learn more about our sessions, let’s have a conversation! We love using our expertise as a Family Photographer in The Woodlands to ensure you can have photographs of these best years. Send us a note and we can get started planning your session!

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