Every parent knows the experience of going to a restaurant and realizing it’s not as family-friendly as they had thought. When that happens, it feels like your entire body is on edge whenever your child gets a little too loud or looks through the menu trying to find the only thing they can smother in ketchup. Instead of holding off on going out to eat for the next 18 years, check out this list of some of our personal favorite family restaurants in Houston!

6 Family Restaurants in Houston for Options Everyone Will Love

Barnaby’s Café

Barnaby’s Café welcomes every member of your family, even those with four paws! The café lets you bring your puppy (leashed, of course!) and grab some American classics. Adults will love their baby back ribs or salmon filets, while kids can order mini corn dogs or sliders. Dogs can come in and enjoy complimentary water and food such as chicken breasts. 

Mia’s Table

Mia’s Table offers delicious, made-to-order classics in an atmosphere created to be kid-friendly. The restaurant was named Best of the Best in 2023 by The Houston Chronicle for its delicious American fare. The restaurant has all the classics, such as hamburgers, seafood platters, and kid’s plates with chicken strips and mac-n-cheese. While you’re there, grab some of their famous desserts! 

Dining Adventures - Downtown Aquarium

Dining Adventures in the Downtown Aquarium has built-in entertainment alongside their food. You’ll see incredible sea creatures while eating chicken, pasta, burgers, and seafood. Kids can order favorites, including pint-sized seafood and pizza. 


Hungry’s is a restaurant with three locations around Houston that has spent the past 45 years delivering deliciously fresh food. The restaurant sells every meal, including brunch, and boasts a seriously impressive vegan menu. Kids will find all their favorite dishes, including a few plant-based specials at this family restaurant in Houston.

The Lake House

The Lake House is the ideal spot to hit up on a day in the city. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s in the middle of the Convention District, giving you easy access to tons of Houston staples. They have tacos, burgers, and sandwiches. Their prices are so affordable you won’t mind ordering older kids something on the adult menu! 

Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill

Since 1988, Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill has been a beloved spot for families across Houston. The restaurant has two locations, both offering breakfast buffets on Sundays. You can stop by for salads, tacos, and grilled options. Their kids’ menu offers some tasty tex-mex as well as hot dogs and chicken tenders. 

Family Restaurants in Houston

Having young kids doesn’t mean you have to DoorDash every time you want good food. Try out one of these family restaurants in Houston for options everyone will love! 

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