When it comes to pregnancy, it seems like everything is so streamlined. Come in for these appointments, call this number if you’re concerned, and maybe don’t eat before delivery. Your body is changing rapidly, and a cookie-cutter care system can often leave you feeling pretty confused. This is why we’re so in love with birth centers. At birth centers, you’ll have personalized care and get the information you need regarding your pregnancy. Plus, birth centers are all about empowering you to labor the way you see fit. You’ll be treated to a comfortable environment where you can deliver with your team. As family photographers, we get to talk to a lot of moms who have found a Houston birthing center they positively love. Here are some of our mamas’ favorites. 

3 Houston Birthing Centers for A Deeply Personalized & Comforting Experience

The Willow Birth Center

The Willow Birth Center is a beautiful space opened by Alyson Kuntz-Butler in 2021. For the past 30 years, Alyson has been a licensed midwife. She can assist with nearly every kind of delivery and has attended over 3,000 births.

At the birth center, she will walk you through your pregnancy in the cozy appointment space and ensure you have the information you need. Alyson uses evidence-based approaches to provide you with holistic care. When it comes time to deliver, you can relax in the comfortable beds or walk around the location.

Whatever you decide, you can guarantee you’ll have high-quality care assisting you throughout the entire process. 

Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center

Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center is a vibrant, welcoming space perfect for your appointments and delivery. Mary Love and Jessica Gonzales founded the center to give women a voice in their own deliveries. When you come here, you receive a midwife who will answer all your questions and provide top-notch care.

mom to be in neutral color gown cradling her bump houston birthing center

You’ll have access to one of two lovely birthing suites during delivery. Here, you can walk around or bounce on a birth ball through contractions. When it’s time to deliver, your midwife will help you into the spacious tub (should you choose) and give you all the help you need for a happy and healthy delivery. 

Katy Birth Center

Katy Birth Center was founded in 2010 by experienced midwives passionate about giving women the power in their own deliveries. Since the center opened, over 2,000 babies have been born with assistance from midwives. The birth center structure helps you through your delivery.

The rooms feature stylish décor and spacious birthing tubs if you decide to use them. The waiting rooms are warm and welcoming, and the exam rooms have been set up with your comfort in mind. However you choose to give birth, your midwife will be there by your side, ensuring you have the information and assistance you need. 

Houston Birthing Center

If you want to feel like you’re in control throughout your pregnancy and delivery, we’re optimistic any of these Houston birthing centers will be perfect for you. 

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