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They’re one. Twelve whole months of loving each and every inch of them, a whole trip around the sun, 365 days earth side. The old saying “the days are long but the years are short” probably couldn’t feel any more true than right now, right?

It was yesterday that you saw two pink lines and everything shifted in an instant, and at the same time you can’t remember life before they were in it. It’s this magical chapter where there’s highs and lows and everything in between but somehow, somehow you’ve made it one whole year of being their parent and now you are looking for a Houston cake smash photographer.

You deserve these portraits as much as they do, to remember this and be able to look back on it—the whirlwind, the long days, the late nights, all of the first, and have it summed up in some dedicated time spent together, in front of our camera.

Do you know what makes a session even better? Cake. It’s not just about the baby turning one, but about the whole family hopping in the frame and celebrating this milestone and all that it represents. It involves everyone who gets the privilege of calling them son or daughter, brother or sister, and involves cuddles and cake and likely a smiley baby that has a few teeth.

Want to include a beautiful cake from our baker? Maybe you'd like to add some florals and family pictures, too? No matter how big or small, we can customize your Houston Cake Smash Photography session to meet your every want or wish.

Your baby's milestones deserves the very best.

Your search for a Houston cake smash photography team is over...

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Wait, so what’s included in a family cake smash?

We know, typically it’s a baby and a cake and pictures. Not with us! We do an entire family session first, making sure that we celebrate this big milestone. We get a lot of variety, you can even include a set of grandparents, and once we’re done with that important part then we bring out the cake. The baby gets first dibs, but then we ask parents and siblings to join them. You all get to feed each other cake, plop icing on each others’ noses, and it really does make for some sweet pictures and a gallery full of variety and love.

Where do you get Houston smash cakes from?

We connect you with our favorite nearby bakery, where you can customize and order a smash cake. Let us know the date and time it’ll be ready and we’re happy to pick it up for you, to save you an extra trip.

Can we get just the digitals from our cake smash session?

Can you design a wall gallery or album?

Yes. The design service is included in each session and this ensures that any artwork purchased for your home is custom and fits perfectly. After the design process is complete, you'll receive the artwork on your doorstep approximately six weeks later.

Absolutely. Digital files are always available to our clients and delivered in an online gallery with print rights and no limit in print size ability. We offer various collections of digital files; there's something to meet every need.

Is family included during the cake smash session?

Family is always included with every single session we offer. Houston cake smash photography sessions are treated like a family session, with all of the traditional combinations photographed, and then we end with a cake smash. It ensures you receive a gallery full of variety and beautiful pictures to help celebrate your baby's first birthday.

Wardrobe is absolutely included and the entire family is welcome to borrow. The best part is that you get to leave the sticky, frosting-covered clothes with us and don’t have to worry about the laundry! We’ve got close to 200 dresses for mama, shirts for dads, and clothes for kiddos up to fourteen years old. There’s plenty to choose from and we allot an extra 30 minutes before your session for choosing clothes and styling your family. See dress examples here.

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