Throughout motherhood, I’m sure you hear the phrase, “it takes a village” on average ninety billion times a week. And while yes, that phrase gets overstated, that’s because it’s true. Pregnancy today tends to be isolated; we shouldn’t go through this alone. With the lonely and rushed appointments, baby blogs that tell you everything you’re doing wrong, and the delivery process that tends to take away all control, pregnancy can go from being a magical time to being a period of confusion. That is why having great Houston doulas is a life-saver.

Doulas are guides who will walk alongside you throughout pregnancy, providing support and advice. They’ll remain with you throughout the labor and in the weeks following childbirth. As Houston maternity photographers, we get to hear about many fantastic Houston doulas. Here are a few our clients have come to love. 

Houston Doulas for a Beautiful Pregnancy Experience

Marley & Moo Maternity

Marley & Moo Maternity is an inclusive center in Houston that supports new moms throughout pregnancy and delivery. Their team has experts ready to walk alongside you and be a strong advocate throughout every trimester. Whether you want support for getting through your first pregnancy or need a doula to support your other children throughout your labor, Marley & Moo has the right person for you. The center also offers new parent classes, postpartum recovery aid, placenta encapsulation, and more!

Houston Womb Service

Houston Womb Service is here to break down barriers and help all new mothers. Alexandra Tran, the Houston doula behind this group, has been practicing since 2008. For over a decade, she has worked to support mothers by offering courses and providing support. During the pandemic, Alexandra started offering online courses and virtual doula support, making her services more accessible to a host of new mothers. On top of the standard pregnancy and delivery care, Houston Womb Service offers fertility support, postpartum support, and breastfeeding care. 

Keen Doula Care

Kristi Keen has been a birth doula since 2011 and empowers women and other doulas through Keen Doula Care. She went into the field after her first pregnancy, where she realized she wanted to help other mothers in similar circumstances. Today, she offers Houston doula services both in-person and online, as well as doula certification. Her services begin with a free consultation to ensure you’re a good match. She will work with you to create a birth plan and prepare you for a realistic delivery. With Kristi by your side, you’ll go through a pregnancy knowing you have a tremendous advocate with you every step of the way. 

Houston Doulas

Having a doula helps your mind and your body throughout pregnancy. With any of these groups, I am positive you’ll find Houston doulas you adore! 

Once you build your pregnancy support team, finding a photographer to document all those special early moments is time. At Lentille, we believe in making family photography a relaxing event that leaves you smiling! Contact us today so we can book your session. While you're here, check out more blogs below for motherhood resources!

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