Many of you remember the devastation that hit New Orleans recently.
The flooding was catastrophic, it was unexpected, and many people were displaced.

I saw that a previous client’s brother, and his wife, were hit hard.
They weren’t in a flood zone, so they didn’t have flood insurance.
They lost it all.
This is a house that they just purchased together, right after getting married.
It was perfect; move-in ready.
Now, they are redoing it all, racing the clock to get it all done before their baby girl arrives.

So, what could I do to help?
I decided to auction off a family session, with all proceeds going straight to them.
Every little bit helps, right?

So, meet the Lightfoot family.
They are the sweet trio that were the winning bid, so thank you for your generosity.

Tonight was perfection.
We turned the corner into my field, and there was a huge, dark storm just looming in the distance.  To our right was golden sun perfection, and to our left was a big thunderstorm.
Turns out, it blew right past us, only landing a few raindrops as it passed.
Oh, and a rainbow!

Enjoy your glimpse, because mamas+babies are the sweetest!


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  1. That is an incredible thing for you to do. It has been so devastating watching all the people that have been left with nothing.
    This image is so perfect.


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