Home birth is a positively gorgeous experience for many families. Home births tend to have lower intervention rates for low-risk pregnancies, leading to more positive outcomes. Because you get to call all the shots, you can take control of your birth and ensure you have the best experience for your family. One of the best ways to ensure your home birth goes exactly as planned is to hire a professional to help you prepare your home and assist with your delivery. If you’ve been planning your Houston home birth, we’d love to tell you about some trusted experts who will make it happen! 

3 Agencies for Your Houston Home Birth - Plan Your Customized Birthing Experience

Holistic Heritage Homebirth

Holistic Heritage Homebirth is an agency started by two certified nurse midwives (one also a doctor). Their goal is to empower parents through every single part of their delivery. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll receive unparalleled care from your midwife. 

Together, you’ll work to create your birth plan, and as you near your due date, they’ll help you prepare your space for delivery. If you want a water birth, they’ll help you secure a tub and set it up for your labor. They provide group classes to ensure you have all the knowledge you need for a successful delivery.

HomeBirth Experience

Kellie Moeller, a certified nurse midwife, started HomeBirth Experience. Kellie is passionate about helping parents have exceptional prenatal care and safe home birth. In the beginning, she’ll walk you through safety sheets so you can make sure a home birth is the right choice for you. You will have regular prenatal care appointments where she’ll check your progress and help you craft your birth plan. 

Once labor begins, she’ll be on her way with all her tools. She brings a professional nurse to every home birth to provide necessary medical care. For 4-5 hours following labor, she’ll stay at your house monitoring you, cleaning the space, and providing you with an herbal bath.

Midwife In The Heights

Midwife in the Heights is an agency started by two midwives who have spent decades assisting families. Both midwives have had their own home births and have seen how powerful this experience is. They now empower families by providing them with comprehensive care and childbirth education courses. The midwives provide both home births as well as birth center deliveries. 

They’ll work with you throughout pregnancy and give you information on how to prepare your home. Throughout your labor, your midwife will keep the atmosphere relaxed for your comfort. Following delivery, they’ll stay with you until they’re positive you’re on the path to recovery.

Houston Home Birth

If you’re planning on a Houston home birth, make sure you find an expert who will be there every step of the way. With these three groups, you’ll have the care you need for your ideal experience!

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