The newborn stage is an absolute wonder. You feel as though you could spend hours staring at your perfect baby. And then, in a flash, they change. Their features transform as they begin to fill out those precious baby wrinkles. As you sit there rocking your child, you begin to wonder when they stopped being your tiny baby. By booking newborn portraits with a Houston lifestyle photographer, you can remember this stage and have a perfect collection to look back on of those blurry first few weeks. If you’ve been considering reserving your own newborn pictures, I would love to tell you why you should consider using a Houston lifestyle photographer

What is a Houston Lifestyle Photographer?

So, what is a Houston lifestyle photographer? Essentially, it’s someone who comes in and photographs the everyday moments that make your family "you". We’re here to paint an authentic picture so you can remember this time as it really was. We can come to your home, be in the places that you love most, and you are surrounded by everything that makes your house a home and the place where your family comes together to connect, recharge, and be together.

What Makes Houston Lifestyle Photography Different?

Less Posing

Remember those stiff family portraits you used to take at places like JCPenney? A Houston lifestyle photographer does the complete opposite. They aim to feel much more organic. Yes, there are times when we’ll pose you, but it’s never going to feel forced or uncomfortable. Rather than having you stare straight at the camera, we'll direct you and make sure all of it looks natural. It's the in-between moments that often mean the most, so instead of rigid expectations and setups, it's relaxed and laid back. Think of your family piled on a couch as a portrait - yeah, that's what we're going for.

More Focus on Connection Between Family Members

Newborn lifestyle photography in Houston focuses more on the emotions of this stage in your life. It’s your wonder that you created this perfect person. It’s the dreamy smile as your baby feels content in your arms. It’s the joy of your partner finally getting to see their child. It’s the excitement of siblings as they adjust to life with a new baby brother or sister. If you’d like, we can even incorporate your pets and show them off with the newest member of the family! 

Not So Many Props

If you choose us as your Houston lifestyle photographer, we don't bring along a lot of props. Usually, we will just use a swaddle and some blankets and snuggle everyone on the bed. Our focus is family, your home, and the love that's created within those walls. We’re making sure we paint a picture of how you spend your days, and that doesn't include a lot of things that we don't find in your home. We'll do our best to use what is in your everyday lives and incorporate that into your photos.

A mother and father sit on a bed with their smiling toddler daughter between them

Can Be at Your Home or the Studio

We personally love using nurseries for your portraits. We know how hard you’ve worked to set up this space, and we want you to feel comfortable. We can incorporate the crib and the decor if you want. If you’d prefer to use our studio, we are more than happy to arrange a session here while still ensuring you feel right at home. 

Walk Away With Photos That Feature Life’s Moments vs Posed Moments

More than anything, we want to make sure you can have genuine moments from this time. We’re here to tell your story and show the world everything that makes your family so beautiful. Posed moments have their place and can be great, but they never quite feel natural. We want to make sure you have beautiful memories that feel like you so you can hold onto these moments even after your little one isn’t so little anymore. 

A mother in a floral dress holds her laughing daughter while dad plays with her feet and toes thanks to a Houston lifestyle photographer

Plan Your Dream Session With Your Favorite Houston Lifestyle Photographer

If you’re looking for the right person to capture your Houston lifestyle photography session, we would love to talk with you. At Lentille Photography, we truly adore working with families to create portraits that will be around for years and years. We would love to have a conversation to hear about your wants and wishes and everything you'd love in a portrait session.

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