Pregnancy is a time of wonder, a time of excitement, and a time of really weird Google searches. Why do your teeth feel like you’re munching on swords whenever you eat a Reese’s? Is the constant stuffy nose just a permanent fixture now? And has your vision always been this bad? It’s natural to be a bit stressed out by all the changes in your body. Still, presenting them to an OB can be intimidating, especially when your appointments feel more like checklists than actual visits. This is why we love midwives, especially the fantastic Houston midwives offering stellar services and care. Believe it or not, Allison has actually assisted on multiple home births and even had her first son, Charlie, at home!

A great midwife will start to feel like a friend throughout your pregnancy. They’ll sit with you, help you understand the ins and outs of growing a little human, and answer your eighty thousand questions. Plus, midwives are certified medical healthcare providers meaning you can trust their medical advice (unlike dramamama92784 from some random pregnancy board). As maternity photographers, we talk to many moms who have found incredible Houston midwives. Here are some of their faves. 

3 Houston Midwives Offering Experienced & Compassionate Birthing Support

Katy Birth Center

The Katy Birth Center was founded in 2010 by expert midwives Cathy Rude, Natalie Wommack, and Connie Blokkum. The trio created the midwife center as a way to celebrate new Houston families as they welcomed their latest additions. The center believes preventative healthcare and conscientious prenatal care is the optimal way to prevent any issues throughout delivery. With their guidance, you’ll feel confident when it’s time to give birth. 

On top of their excellent prenatal and postpartum care, the center offers classes to give you all the know-how. You also will have the opportunity to use the birth center for your delivery. This adorable center is in a renovated 1939 Old Katy house that will let you labor comfortably. The birthing tubs are warm and spacious, while the waiting areas are a great space to pass the time between contractions. If you’re interested in a virtual tour of the site, then please check out their website.

The Birthing Place

The Birthing Place was established in 2011 as a center devoted to empowering births for all. The founder, Afua Hassan, spent years delivering babies with such skill her peers and clients swore it must have been supernatural. Sadly, Afua passed away in 2021, but her legacy lives on with her former apprentice, Midwife Kay.

The center is inclusive and shifts its focus on strengthening Black maternal health. On top of specializing in midwifery and homebirth, the center offers well-woman visits, lactation services, prenatal yoga, and much more. Please find out more about this center’s story on its website.

North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center is a warm and welcoming place run by two passionate midwives. Kathleen Vande Giessen and Brenda Solano are devoted to decreasing the risks that can come with interventions common in hospital births.

The pair work with you to create the birth plan you want while consistently using evidence-based research to ensure that you and your baby remain safe above all else. You can find educational courses, fertility services, and well-woman checks at their center. Read more about their services on their website, and feel the peace of mind you need during this life-changing time.

Houston Midwives

Finding a midwife who will give you the time and attention you need is truly a gift. Not only will the stresses of pregnancy get easier, but you’ll feel empowered when it comes time to give birth. These Houston midwives offer unbeatable services with genuine care and compassion, allowing you peace of mind throughout your journey.

While midwives make pregnancy more manageable, we’re here to do the same with family pictures! We’re a woman-run company eager to do what we can to get you photographs you’ll cherish for years. We understand how complicated photo sessions can feel, and we’re here to make it a breeze. Contact us today so we can book your session. 

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