Everyone takes pictures.

It’s the mom who is capturing the first milk-drunk smile at 3am,
The dad who hit the button on his iPhone at the perfect time, capturing his son’s first goal,
The kiddo who stole the cell phone, taking 173 selfies when the babysitter wasn’t looking.
They document moments, through grainy cell phones or blurry point-and-shoots, and they will be treasured.
All of those images are important.

When it comes to professional portraiture, things should be different.
It should be a luxury experience.
You can read all about a session herebut what does it really look like?

Hair and makeup waiting, extensive Studio Wardrobe for you and your entire family, and a beautiful studio or field to capture treasured moments.

I knew that the experience would be better conveyed through a video.
You are able to see exactly what I’ve been talking about for so long.
You can see the wardrobe, see the studio, and see my field.
More importantly, you can see yourself and your babies through my lens, capturing fleeting moments that need to be preserved.

If you’d like to chat about scheduling your own portrait session, feel free to click “contact” above, or email me directly at lentillephotography@gmail.com


Here’s a glimpse from the sessions:
Houston Newborn Photographer | Lentille Photography | www.lentillephotography.comHouston Newborn Photographer | Lentille Photography | www.lentillephotography.com

Lentille Photography is a Houston Newborn Photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas including Sugar Land and Katy.

If you are you interested in a custom portrait session with Lentille Photography and would like more information, please click here for details on sessions and the heirloom products that are offered.  If you would like to reserve your date on my calendar, please click on the contact button above or email me directly at lentillephotography@gmail.com.
I find such joy in capturing a family’s story and would be honored to help you tell yours!


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  1. This is amazing! I love these images and that video totally pulled me in and makes me want to fly to TX to come see you for a session. Your work is stunning!

  2. This is AMAZING!!!! I love this so much! It really gives a sense of what it must be like to work with you – which looks like so much fun!

  3. This video is amazing. It really captures your process and the beauty of the art you create. You have such vision and talent. Love!


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