This boy made me an aunt, so he holds such a special place in my heart.  There is something truly special about holding a niece or nephew for the first time, especially already being a mother myself.
I’ve been through those first blurry days, I remember how their little head fit perfectly beneath your chin, I remember how the only place they wanted to be was snuggled on your chest.

Dear Cassie,
Motherhood suits you so well.  I look over at you with Walker snuggled on your chest and I’m sure he’s listening to your calm breaths and steady heart beat, finding peace in what he’s listened to for the past nine months.  You know exactly what every noise means, what he loves and likes and doesn’t care for.  I sit and watch you in amazement and wonder how we can know these perfect little babies so well after having just met them.  It’s like you two are the perfect pieces to a puzzle, complimenting one another perfectly.  He knows what he needs and you know how to read his cues.  I remember immediately knowing my babies, too, but seeing it in you still leaves me bewildered.  It is truly amazing to see a new mother and baby working so well together.

Enjoy the wonderful moments and know that tough ones will only make you both stronger.


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