Back in late Spring, I had an idea.
I wanted to find a mother who really deserved portraits.
Everyone does, I know.  But, there are some that truly need them, yet might not be able to budget for the investment that it is.
So I asked you all to nominate someone who you felt deserved this, and the response was amazing.

All of the nominations that I received were deserving, but there was one that stood out.


Grab some tissues and let me introduce you to this wonderful woman, her daughter, and her story.
Dawson (Nancy’s brother-in-law) nominated her.
Here is his nomination:

Tell me a little about this mom…
Nancy is my sister-in-law. She is an amazing mother and wife. I married Nancy’s sister almost 27 years ago…over that time she has become my sister, too. She’s a gifted teacher in the Fort Bend ISD and mom to a beautiful teenage daughter, Katie.

About 6 months after I married Nancy’s sister, Nancy met the love of her life….Willard Douglass Volding.  Doug was 25+ years her senior, but age was not a factor in their love for each other. Doug and Nancy had a love affair like very few will ever experience. They expressed their love for each other, their daughter, their extended family, their church and greater community with enthusiasm, joy and MUCH laughter. After about 5 years of marriage, it became clear that they would never have children of their own so they began a journey toward adoption. A journey that led them to Katie.  Katie enriched their lives greatly and became very special to all of our family.

Life was good and happy and joyful and exciting.

When Katie was about 5 or 6 years old, Doug began to have struggles with his memory and after much testing and evaluation, Doug and Nancy received the news that no one wanted to hear:  Doug was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  As I said, before the diagnosis, their life was good and happy and joyful and exciting. And over the next 9 years, not one thing changed about that. Doug changed, a lot. He lived at home for about 5 more years, but eventually he could no longer remain at home alone during the day…and as much as Nancy and Katie wanted to lovingly care for him at home, they just simply could not do so any longer. So Doug moved to a care facility more than 30 minutes from their home in Richmond. At the care center, life for Doug was good and happy and joyful and exciting.

Nancy and Katie made the 1-hour round trip journey to spend time with Doug at least 2 or 3 times per week for 5 years. Early on, they could take him out to eat and for other short outings, but soon he couldn’t do that any longer. So everyone was content to just be together at the care center.

It was one of the greatest joys of my life to one time arrive for a visit a few minutes before Nancy arrived, and to be able to watch Doug as she walked into the room. Doug couldn’t say her name. Doug couldn’t converse with her in any way…but when Nancy walked in, Doug’s entire face lit up like a star. He knew her…he knew she was special to him…he knew he loved her and just how much SHE loved him.

Through this long and painful journey, Katie and Nancy slowly watched their father and husband slip away, and just before Thanksgiving in 2013, Doug’s long battle ended as he made his way into God’s presence. The time since has been, at times, a relief from the responsibility of regularly checking on Doug. But it’s also been a time of sadness as they desperately miss him.

But….through it all, there has been goodness and happiness and joy and excitement! And Nancy’s love and leadership has been at the core that mentality.

If you could tell this person one thing, what would it be? 
Nancy, you inspire me to be more kind and more patient and more joyful in every trial and celebration of life! Thanks for showing me the very best way to live life. I love you, sis!

Dawson was right, Nancy is beautiful inside and out.  In the short time we were together, I could tell she was a special person and she most definitely deserved these images.

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