We all know people who have had terrible experiences when it comes to booking portraits. Maybe their wedding photographer forgot to get a picture of the big kiss, or perhaps their family photographer wasn’t nearly as family-friendly as they had hoped. Whatever it was, chances are it has made you a little weary booking pictures for your own crew. If you can use some confidence, we’re here to give you a few tips on choosing the best Houston portrait photography studio. As local pros, we know all about what our clients want, and we want to give you our unique expertise. Here’s everything you need to know. 

3 Tips for Choosing a Houston Portrait Photography Studio

1. Who Has The Most Experience?

Yes, sure, your sister’s husband’s cousin just got a shiny new camera. That doesn’t quite mean she’s ready to start charging for your pictures. Experience matters so much for a Houston Portrait Photography studio. Not only will it affect all the technical aspects like lighting and composition, but it’s also going to inform your personal experience. You want someone who will make sure you feel super comfortable. At Lentille Photography, we have spent over 10 years (12 to be exact!) working with families across the city. We understand how to coax smiles out of grumpy kids and how to position newborns to get the best shot without interrupting their power nap. 

2. Have I Read Their Google Reviews To Hear From Actual Clients?

Just like how you look up reviews for your newest mascara and that show you’ve been meaning to add to cart, you also have to consider the reviews from actual Houston Portrait Photography clients. Typically, Google is the best place to go when you want to read real reviews. You don’t need a membership to read the ratings, and you can see how the photographers interact with their clients. Trust us, Google doesn't lie and it's harder to get a positive review than negative, right?! And if you come across a company with over 70 ratings--all of which are 5 stars--you’ll know you’ve found a winner! (wink wink nudge nudge)

3. What Do They Check Off My List?

A portrait photographer is so much more than just making a phone call and figuring out a Houston location. It involves hours of shopping for the right outfits, appointments with the hairstylist to get the perfect look, and video after video of makeup tutorials to figure out what actually looks good. While some studios are more than happy to hand off those duties, others take on this work for you. At Lentille, we have full-service options that let you offload every aspect of planning. No, seriously. Every. Single. Aspect. We have a size-inclusive wardrobe and can bring in hairstylists and makeup artists. We’re going to make sure you look and feel gorgeous so you’ll have pictures you will actually adore.

Your Family Deserves The Best Houston Portrait Photography Studio

If you are on the search for a Houston portrait photography studio, consider all these aspects. And if you want a business that will satisfy all these recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! At Lentille, we positively love working with families to help them remember these years. We are pros when it comes to family pictures and will make sure you have portraits you’ll be proud to show off! If you are wondering about all the things that make us so unique, let’s have a conversation so we can tell you more. We hope to chat with you soon!

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