Throughout pregnancy, your body is doing the absolute most. From depleting your energy supplies to drastically changing your center of gravity, growing a baby is hard work! It’s important to treat yourself to the care you need. By scheduling regular prenatal massages, you’re not just taking some time to unwind but are also helping relieve symptoms by easing tension, increasing circulation, and targeting overworked muscles. If you’ve been feeling the stress of pregnancy, we would love to tell you about the best places in Houston for prenatal massage.  

Three Houston Prenatal Massage Centers To Unwind Your Body

The Motherhood Center

The Motherhood Center was founded over 15 years ago by Gabriela and Gary Gerhart and was inspired by Gabriela’s own experiences with pregnancy and labor. This mama-focused Houston wellness center specializes in providing unforgettable prenatal massages. The center offers a variety of massages starting at 12 weeks. On top of their standard options, they offer massages both to help your body prepare for childbirth and begin to induce labor. The center even allows mothers to have massage therapists come to their houses or the hospital for relaxation anywhere. 

Houston Pregnancy Massage

Houston Pregnancy Massage was started by Patti Heimlich, a prenatal massage therapist with over 25 years of experience. On top of her life-changing massage services, Patti is a certified doula with a knack for helping new moms navigate pregnancy. Patti prides herself on providing personalized services for each parent. She performs prenatal massages within your own home and will provide up to two hours of complete relaxation. She offers targeted massages that will help with breech presentation, labor induction, and labor induction. Her postpartum massages guarantee to give your body a break following delivery, and her relaxation massages are perfect for gifting to a new mom or dad. 

Zalla Massage

Zalla Massage is an adorable studio founded inside of a warm cottage. The Houston studio offers a variety of different massages, including prenatal and postpartum massages! Throughout your session, you’ll lay on your side holding a pillow while your masseuse works their magic. Their prenatal massages are focused on relieving tension while helping you relax. Throughout the massage, they’ll also take time to focus on your feet. Their postpartum massages help with pain associated with labor, holding your baby, and lugging a heavy car seat. With them, you’ll get back to feeling like your old self in no time!

The 360 Massage

The 360 Massage studio feels like an oasis. Everything from the lighting to the sounds make you feel at ease. The studio offers massages for everyone, with special services centered around their pregnant clients. Their “Mommies to Be” package was created to help you unwind during pregnancy, while their postpartum massages can treat pain, relieve swelling, and even help increase your milk supply. While their prenatal massages might get you through the door, their incredible variety will keep you coming back long after your baby is born. 

Houston Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, you deserve a few hours here and there that will leave you feeling pampered. By scheduling a Houston prenatal massage at any of these centers, you’ll get the care you need and feel positively rejuvenated. 

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