Pregnancy can be considered one of the most intensive endurance sports known to man. Because you’re already doing so much by getting up every morning and going about your day, you don’t need to add marathon training or new HIIT workouts to your schedule to get in a good exercise. While you’re free to work out in whatever way you’d like (with the permission of your provider, of course), one of the best ideas for exercise right now is to focus on activities that alleviate common symptoms while also preparing your body for labor. If you’re looking for a relaxing exercise that will help you connect to yourself, we’d love to tell you about the best Houston prenatal yoga studios. 

Three Inclusive and Relaxing Studios for Houston Prenatal Yoga

Motherhood Center

While many yoga studios add on prenatal yoga as a last-minute option, Motherhood Center has built their entire practice around it. This fabulous studio provides yoga, fitness, and pilates classes for expectant mamas. For an hour, you can treat yourself to classes that have been created to ease the strain of pregnancy on your muscles so you can have an easier pregnancy. The studio has affordable classes 7 days a week and has a Baby & Me option once your little one arrives. Bring your own mat and check them out at 3701 W. Alabama Ste. 230 in Houston. 


Alcove Yoga is a studio that provides a variety of different yoga classes, including prenatal yoga. The studio’s goal is to work with you throughout your pregnancy so that by the end, you can have an established practice that works beautifully for your body. The studio enrolls students between 13-20 weeks of pregnancy. The classes start out by teaching you basic methods and then build on those throughout your time at the studio. For this reason, they cannot accept anyone past 21 weeks of pregnancy. You’ll use a special membership so you can regularly practice. Visit today at 637 Cortlandi Street. 

Joy Yoga Center

Aptly named, Joy Yoga Center is passionate about showing you how yoga can enrich your life. The studio has a full schedule of different classes you can view on their app. During their prenatal classes, they combine beneficial poses with breathwork to provide you with a practice that lets you have a happier pregnancy. On top of their designated prenatal yoga classes, the class has a list of regular classes that they have created to be safe for pregnant yogis. You can visit the center at their two Houston locations: 1415 S. Voss Rd, Suite 280, and 4500 Washington Ave, Suite 900. 

Houston Prenatal Yoga

If you’re looking for the perfect way to stay active during pregnancy, check out these Houston prenatal yoga studios! Their wonderful classes will help you build up a community while letting you get in great exercise!

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