While living in Texas means we have to deal with some pretty hot summers, it really pays off once the cooler season hits. Because of our location, we get to enjoy a lot of the summer perks all year long. If you’re looking for the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’d love to tell you all about our favorite ice cream shops in Houston. Whether you prefer to stick to the safe flavors or are in the mood for something totally unique, we’re positive you’ll find your new go-to spot! 

Finding Your New Go-To Spot: Ice Cream Shops in Houston

Amys Ice Creams

Since 1984, Amy’s Ice Cream has been delivering flavors, including its renowned Mexican Vanilla ice cream. Today, the store has over 350 flavors in rotation, meaning every visit, you’re in for something new. While the store has several locations around Texas, all the ice cream is made in-house, so it always tastes fresh. 

Fat Cat Creamery

Fat Cat Creamery offers small-batch ice cream made with local ingredients. The shop offers signature flavors, including milk chocolate stout, waterloo strawberry buttermilk, and dairy-free chai tea coconut. You can find season options as well as soft-serve weekly specials. The shop sells additional treats, including coffee, soda, and floats. 


Can you imagine living far away from Jeni’s? Couldn’t be us! Since starting over 20 years ago, Jeni’s has specialized in creating unexpected flavors such as frose and everything bagel. The shop has three locations around Houston to let you try out some of their famous scoops. 

milk + sugar

Take everything you’ve come to know about ice cream and leave it at the door. At milk + sugar, you’ll find brand new flavors from their experimental creators. Try out combinations such as black sesame seed and brown sugar, earl gray with lavender and vanilla, or cereal milk with toasted Frosted Flakes. 

Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery is a chain all across America, but their scoops are anything but ordinary! The shop allows you to create your very own flavor combinations, complete with all the add-ins. The shop uses ice cream to make some ridiculously great cakes, giving you the perfect option for your next birthday party! 

Sweet Bribery

Sweet Bribery offers craft ice cream you’ll want to eat again and again. The shop is devoted to desserts, offering treats such as cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispie treats alongside their ice cream. You can also build a banana split using their long list of divine ice cream flavors. 

Ice Cream Shops in Houston

With any of these ice cream shops in Houston, you’ll have a great spot anytime the cravings strike! Go grab your favorite people and check one out today! 

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