Pregnancy can really be a time to get in tune with your body. You’re experiencing rapid change while battling a thousand different symptoms. And while you may not be wholly familiar with what exactly is going on, no one knows your body as well as you. Birth centers celebrate this and give you agency regarding your delivery. They’re the perfect option for parents who may not want to commit to a home birth but would prefer an out-of-hospital delivery that will leave them feeling empowered. If you’ve been considering your options when it comes to your delivery, I would love to tell you all about Katy Birth Center. With compassionate staff in a homelike atmosphere, it’s the ideal place for your natural birth. 

About Katy Birth Center

Katy Birth Center opened up in 2003 as a way to provide women with an empowering option for their labor. Long before the center opened up, the midwives worked to provide Katy families with unparalleled personalized healthcare for their labors. 

Since the center opened, over 2,000 healthy births have taken place here. Many of the senior midwives have over thirty years of experience, and every midwife is committed to giving you the absolute best birth experience. The staff and the cozy, quiet environment make it a fantastic place to meet your newest family member! 


Katy Birth Center is passionate about making birth a normal event in a woman’s life. In today’s medical world, even low-risk births are treated very clinically, which can lead to far more interventions and complications. At Katy Birth Center, they want to give the experience back to you by letting you craft your birth plan complete with your own decisions. 

At the birth center, you’ll partner with a midwife who will schedule regular appointments where you can chat and discuss any concerns. Your midwife will help you create your birth plan and give you evidence-based information. You’ll be able to call them 24/7 if any issues arrive. Once it’s time to give birth, your midwife will ensure your birth plan is respected entirely. The center provides warm beds and tubs for water births and will prioritize immediate bonding once your baby is born. 

Once your midwife is confident you’re healthy, you and your baby will recover from the comfort of your own home. In the weeks following your delivery, you’ll continue to have checkups to ensure recovery is going beautifully. 


Katy Birth Center wants to ensure you have all the tools when feeling equipped for delivery. They offer classes on the Bradley Method and hypnobirthing, as well as a birth boot camp. The center also provides courses on breastfeeding and baby care. No matter what, Katy Birth Center is here to make sure you feel fully ready for the journey ahead! 

Katy Birth Center

If you’re looking for a place that will let you take the delivery into your own hands, you’ll adore Katy Birth Center! With passionate midwives in a comfortable atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to grow your family. 

As maternity photographers, we love providing motherhood recommendations nearly as much as we love offering pictures we know your family will treasure for years to come! We’d love to chat if you want to book a session once your newborn arrives. So check out more of our work in the blog links below! Then contact us today to find out more!

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