When you have younger kids, you know how important it is to document every moment. You want to remember how their cheeks dimple when they laugh or the way their hair never quite behaves. Even if you are not a Katy Family Photographer, you understand the difficulty in making this happen. Because as much as you want to take all the portraits, it can be pretty hard to actually get your child to cooperate. Taking those light and breezy photos isn’t exactly easy when you’re trying to plan between naptime and hangry o’clock.

If you need help preparing your kids for your photo sessions, we’d love to give you all our advice so you can have gorgeous pictures without the headache! 

How to Prep Your Kids For a Session With Your Katy Family Photographer

Patience & Flexibility

The most predictable thing about toddlers is their tendency to be absolutely unpredictable. They can love mac and cheese one day only to decide it’s the worst dish in the world the next. The best thing you can do is be patient with them and be flexible. Your Katy family photographer should set aside enough time to make sure they’re actually enjoying themselves. It also helps to hire a photographer who can handle kids acting like kids.

Check out all the reviews ahead of time and make sure the person you choose can create a warm and welcoming environment for children. At Lentille, for example, we tend to be pretty adaptable to toddler behavior because we’re moms ourselves. Trust us when we say we get it! 

Playfulness With Your Katy Family Photographer 

With kids, it’s crucial to make the photo session as fun as possible. Outdoor sessions always tend to be amazing with kids because you can let them run wild! All those happy emotions are going to come through for your pictures, so you have genuine expressions. Even if you’re doing a studio session, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate playfulness. We can rock out to their favorite songs or exchange some of our classic jokes. You can also play pretend throughout the entire session and create scenarios that let them use their imagination. Posing becomes a little extra fun when you add some adventure. 

Distractions & Breaks

The most important thing you can do for your Katy child is to help them forget it’s a family session with a photographer. You can distract them as much as you want so they think this is just a new and exciting journey rather than a boring old photo session. We’re also big fans of taking breaks whenever possible. This way, your child can unwind, grab a snack or two, and come back for another round of pictures.

Just make sure to reserve plenty of time for your photo session so you don’t have to rush around and deal with constant breakdowns. The best part is if you choose us, nothing is timed and we can go at their pace. Also, if you need to bribe your child with some sweets or extra screen time, we promise we won’t judge and will have both ready! 

We Hope This Guide Helps Take Some Stress Away During Your Next Session With A Katy Family Photographer

The best portraits are the ones with real, authentic smiles. By taking the time to prepare your child, you can have portraits that let you remember these years forever. And if you need a Katy family photographer, then we’d love to connect! At Lentille Photography, we adore curating fun, non-stuffy portrait sessions that let you create genuine memories. Contact us today so we can tell you more about it!

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