Let’s be honest. Pregnancy can sometimes feel a little less than fabulous. Sure, you have that unmistakable glow, but your shoe options have been narrowed down to crocs and slippers. And it’s not like that Texas heat is giving you a break from swelling. No matter how you feel about things, pregnancy is a major accomplishment, and you deserve a way to celebrate it. As a Katy maternity photographer, we know what it takes to create a dreamy session. If you’ve been considering reserving a maternity session, we’d love to give you a list of questions to ask your photographer so you know whether or not their experience is right for you. 

5 Things to Ask Your Katy Maternity Photographer

Can We Include Pets?

Your pet is a family member. Why leave them out? Some photographers are not quite equipped to deal with pet pictures, so they might request that you keep any four-legged family members at home. At Lentille, we welcome pets and will do what we can to make sure they have the best time! There is a pet fee if you are choosing a single Katy maternity photographer session with us. If you decide to opt for an early years membership, your pup is always included. 

Can We Include Grandparents?

If you want grandparents included in your Katy maternity session, then make sure you ask your photographer about their policy. Many have strict rules limiting the people in your session. Regardless of which Lentille package you purchase, one set of grandparents is always included in the sessions. 

Is Family Included?

You may want to include your other immediate family members to honor this unforgettable time. Our studio uses a family-centered approach. We love including siblings in the fun, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring out their amazing smiles! You will never have to worry about extra fees for portraits with your entire immediate family. 

Can We Wear More Than One Dress?

Ask your Katy maternity photographer whether or not you’ll be allowed to do outfit changes. At Lentille, we welcome you to have an outfit change or two, and we’ll even supply the dresses! With our full-service sessions, you can access our wardrobe with over 200 size-inclusive dresses. We love it when our guests pick more than one outfit. If you feel like doing more quick changes than Beyonce, be our guest! We’ll plan our sessions around you. 

Is There a Discount When You Schedule Maternity and Newborn Sessions?

Lastly, find out if there’s a discount if you bundle maternity and newborn sessions. If you have to pick between maternity and newborn sessions, we know you’re probably not going with the one that deservedly celebrates the miracle your body is accomplishing. That’s why we have created our Early Years Membership. Not only does it allow you to capture that first season of your baby’s life, but it also helps you document your pregnancy. You’ll get a large discount on creative fees while reserving at least two sessions during pregnancy and your baby’s first year of life.

I Hope This Helps Guide You Through Your Next Session With A Katy Maternity Photographer

Once you ask your potential Katy maternity photographer these questions, you’ll have a good idea whether or not they’re the ones for you. And if you read this thinking about how great our sessions sound, well, we don’t blame you! We’re moms and worked hard to create sessions that make you feel truly honored. We’d love to have a consultation and tell you more about our sessions so you can decide whether we’re the team for you. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

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