Now that the weather is finally cooling off, it’s time to spend the day outside! Our city has tons of places for getting you out in the sun. From picnic spots to exercise destinations, parks are ideal for enjoying the beautiful weather. Here are a few of our favorite Katy parks to check out the next time you need some vitamin D. 

5 Katy Parks to Make Beautiful Memories in Beautiful Weather

Exploration Park

Exploration Park is one of the best spots for families with younger kids. This immersive playground offers an open field, a play area, and a covered pavilion. The park provides your child with a sensory experience. Your child will get to climb, swing, slide, build, and make music with this one-of-a-kind playground. The park offers bathrooms, and the play area is contained with a fence. 

Malcolm E Beckendorff Family Park

Malcolm E Beckendorff Family Park offers fun for all ages. The park is small enough to keep you from getting too overwhelmed. You’ll find walking trails, picnic areas, and a playground for children ages three and up. The play area has swings for all ages and benches along the outside. The park is pet-friendly, so every member of the family can play! 

Callegari Park

Callegari Park has multiple play areas for kids of all ages. The playgrounds feature large umbrellas, keeping your kiddo cool even on the hottest Texas days. Right by the playground, there’s a huge open field where your child can play a game of tag. The park offers a workout area as well as a picnic pavilion. The shaded benches allow you to watch your child without being reduced to a pile of sweat.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

Mary Jo Peckham Park rests on over 32 acres and is full of exciting activities. The park was created to be accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The playground features both regular and toddler swings. Their miniature golf course has putters for younger visitors, while their lake is the ideal place for an afternoon of fishing. The community center provides an indoor pool, a restroom, gym equipment, and plenty of group classes. The best part of the park is that everything here is free! 

Katy City Park

Katy City Park is an inclusive space for every child to make memories. In the play area, you’ll find a train-themed playground, swings, ramps, and special equipment that ensures no one feels left out. The fenced-in park offers a picnic pavilion. You’ll also have access to ball courts, including a covered basketball court. 

Katy Parks

These Katy parks are the perfect way to get outside and enjoy a sun-soaked day. With any of these, we’re positive you’ll have a new go-to fabulous destination for your family. 

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