Finding a pediatrician feels kind of like an olympic sport. It can take months to sort through recommendations, websites, and specialties. A great pediatrician will potentially be in your family’s life for over twenty years, making the search a bit more stressful. And because they’re caring for your entire world, you need to make sure your choice is someone you can trust 100%. If you’re feeling the stress of combing through a thousand profiles, we’d love to tell you about some of our favorite Katy pediatricians

Your Family's Best Care With Katy Pediatricians

Katy Memorial Pediatrics

Katy Memorial Pediatrics is a center that offers care from the first week of life all the way up until your child’s 18th birthday. The office has three doctors on staff. The doctors here are experienced and specialize in a variety of fields such as asthma, ADD/ADHD, neonatology, preventative care, and more. The office has separate sick- and well-visit offices to ensure your child isn’t catching germs while in for a routine visit. KMP offers video appointments so you can squeeze in a visit around your busy schedule. The staff offers care in both English and Spanish, Katy Memorial Pediatrics has over 28 years treating families and can’t wait to welcome you to their practice! 

Springtime Pediatrics

Springtime Pediatrics is a center that prides itself on providing Katy families with compassionate, evidence-based care. The office features three pediatricians as well as a family nurse practitioner. Their additional staff is there to make sure your family’s visit runs smoothly. Springtime Pediatrics is passionate about providing an education that allows parents to best care for their kiddos’ needs. On top of offering top-notch care, they work hard to identify and remedy healthcare gaps within the community. Springtime Pediatrics uses Patient Portal to make scheduling appointments, paying bills, and viewing medical records a breeze. They also offer same-day appointments for when your child doesn’t quite stick the landing on the playground. 

Blue Fish Pediatrics

Blue Fish Pediatrics has been a family-owned office since its original founding in 1985. While the office we know and love today was officially opened in 2005, the same family spirit that provided Katy families with unrivaled care remains today. While the practice has eight locations around Houston, the Katy office is known for their compassionate and expert care. The location has eight doctors, giving you the chance to find a pediatrician your family will adore. The doctors here do interviews so you can be sure your pediatrician is a perfect match. Sick visits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The office uses Patient Portal and has partnered with Before the Stork to provide in-home lactation consultations. 

Katy Pediatricians

Finding a wonderful pediatrician can be an excruciating experience, but the search should be much easier with any of these Katy pediatricians

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