There’s a time for everything. A time to relax and a time to play. A time to dress practically and a time to be fabulous. And when you’re the parent of an adventurous kid, you don’t want to waste your time switching from outfit to outfit to match the occasion. You want something ready for whatever your little one can imagine. This is why Kid’s Anthem is absolutely wonderful. With this boutique, you don’t have to choose between style and function. With their curated collection, your kiddo can play for hours while still looking their best. 

About Kid’s Anthem

Kid’s Anthem is an adorable boutique founded by Sharon Wilson and conveniently located on W. Main in Tomball. Unlike other modern stores focusing more on a drab aesthetic, Sharon set out to create a store allowing kids to show off their big personalities. 

The store comprises magnificent clothes that range from newborn all the way up to tween sizes. You can find a wide range of styles to match your little one’s unique character. The shop is also stocked with toys and books, making it a great place to buy a gift before a birthday party or baby shower. 


Kid’s Anthem aims to provide fun, whimsical clothing from major children’s brands. You can find cozy pajamas from Angel Dear, fun patterns from Pink Chicken, and rompers from Rylee + Cru. The shop sells a variety of styles for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re trying to find neutral shades to match a family photo color scheme or want exciting characters that your child will wear with pride, Kid’s Anthem has it. The store also sells sandals, shoes, and accessories that will complete any outfit. 

The shop’s tween section is full of products your child will actually adore. On top of their modern styles, the shop has a huge selection of Petite’n Pretty makeup. This line is designed to provide your child with safe, non-toxic options for when they want to start experimenting with makeup. The products are long-lasting with just the right amount of pigmentation, making them an option for both you and your kid to feel great about! 


Kid’s Anthem’s toy and book selection is one of the best in town! You can find cuddly plushes, entertaining puzzles, and educational books. The shop has bath bombs that will make washing up fun. Their coloring books and sparkly pens provide hours of playtime, while their magnetic activity books are ideal for long car rides. 

Kid’s Anthem sells special journals designed for recording your baby’s milestones or your toddler’s hilarious quotes. Their products are the ideal add-ons for a baby shower gift. 

Kid’s Anthem

If you’re looking for a shop ready for your little one, you’ll adore Kid’s Anthem. This curated boutique has pieces built to last throughout your child’s grand adventures!

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