Kids’ clothes tend to be hit or miss. It feels like you can either get something beige and boring or something plastered in trademarked cartoon characters, and there is no in-between. But our kids have big personalities! And a lot of them are actually pretty stylish. If your family is constantly frustrated with kids’ fashion, let us tell you all about a store we’re positive you’re going to love: Kids Atelier

About Kids Atelier

For over ten years, Kids Atelier has had quite a reputation for luxurious kids’ clothing. The store has operated out of the Galleria Mall, serving up big styles in small sizes. The store was started by family members who were tired of the challenge that went into finding great kids’ clothing. Their goal was to create a place where you could find a curated collection of all the best in prestige brands and offer exquisite styles for kids from birth to age 16. 

Kids Atelier puts a significant emphasis on being sustainable and functional. Their quality clothing is comfortable and often made from carefully selected fabrics such as organic cotton. And their store is a total joy to visit. You’ll love the displays and the easy-to-navigate sections. With so many fabulous styles, kids can always look their best. 


Kids Atelier offers clothing from pioneers in the fashion industry. You can find t-shirts from Balenciaga, polos from Lacoste, and joggers from Dolce & Gabbana. Mini sneakerheads will fall in love with their Golden Goose and Versace trainers. 

The baby selection is everything you could dream of. You can find Bugatti swaddles and bibs, thick Andy Wawa baby suits, and Moschino sweatpants. You’ll love the convenience of the Miki House velcro sandals, while your child will love the comfy fit. Their Banblu rompers are especially lovely. 

With solid designs in various muted and bold color palettes, they’re the perfect wardrobe piece for those newborn pictures (wink). 

toddler kisses his mom on the cheek in a studio kids atelier


While the store might be filled with brands you love as a grown-up, many designs remain delightfully whimsical. Master of the Arts sneakers has a sweet cameo of Mickey Mouse, while Little Marc Jacobs has sweaters featuring Snoopy on his beloved doghouse. 

Nonetheless, the store still offers just the right amount of sophistication. Their Moustache blazers feature clean lines and matching pocket squares, while their Tullen dresses have delicately dyed material layered expertly. Their dress shoes feature comfortable block heels and thick straps so your child can wait a few more years before learning the painful truth about high heels. 

Kids Atelier

If you’re tired of trying store after store of bland kids’ clothes, you will adore Kids Atelier. With so many stylish clothes from the hottest designers, your child will be the best-dressed kid in the entire school. 

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