Location, time & clothing.

It doesn’t seem like these three things could make such a difference in images, but they do.  Last Fall, when I decided to revamp my business, I made a promise to myself that I was going to remain true to my style.  I was going to focus on photographing what I loved most (maternity, newborn, and family), I was going to remain true to the color palette that makes my heart happy, and I was going to do sessions when the light was the dreamiest.  This does not mean that other photographers aren’t doing it the right way, this just means I have found what is right for me.

I’ve found what creates, in my mind, the perfect image.  It’s what draws you, my client, to my photography in the first place.

Finding these ideals also means having to sometimes say “no”.  It’s hard, it really is, because I want to say yes and be able to make everyone happy.  I realized, though, that when I say yes to photographing outside of these ideals, the one thing that suffers is the images and how they turn out.

I only do sessions right before sunset (or sometimes sunrise!) because that dreamy, golden light is beautiful.
I only do sessions at my fields because they are the perfect locations (treeline to filter golden light, beautiful grass, no distractions).
I only recommend neutral clothing because it creates a classic, clean image and compliments what the photograph should be about…the connections between family.  Bright colors, bold patterns, and fad clothing can end up being the focal point of the image, and that’s not what I want.
I don’t use props because I want to keep a natural look.  There are many photographers who would love to put elf ears on your baby and surround him by gnomes, but that’s not me.
I don’t heavily pose or direct during sessions, because I might miss out on an epic bug hunt between brothers, a butterfly chase, or a tender moment between family.

You see, I’ve figured out what makes my heart sing.  If you are hiring me, it’s because the photography that you see on my website speaks to you, too.  So, why mess with a good thing?  Let me take the lead, and I promise that your images will turn out to be beautiful.  Do you love bright, bold colors and patterns, a certain location, or poses/props at your newborn session?  That is wonderful that you know what you want, but then it’s important you find a photographer who is good at your ideals.

For me, it’s about capturing the (natural) moment in a location that is private, beautiful year-round, and has golden sunsets.  It’s about wearing clothing that is neutral, so it doesn’t distract from the moment and yields a classic image that can remain on your walls for a long time.

Here’s an example of how much your images can be impacted in a negative way when you take something that should be consistent and make them a variable.
The three things that are different between these images:  location, time of day, and clothing choices.

Sugar Land Photographer | Lentille Photography

Lentille Photography is a Sugar Land photographer who specializes in newborn, children, family and maternity photography in Sugar Land, Texas and surrounding areas including but not limited to Houston, Bellaire, River Oaks and The Heights.

If you are you interested in a custom portrait session with Lentille Photography and would like more information, please click here for details on sessions and the heirloom products that are offered.  If you would like to reserve your date on my calendar, please click on the contact button above, email me directly at lentillephotography@gmail.com, or call me at 832-741-7860.
I find such joy in capturing a family’s story and would be honored to help you tell yours!


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