It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for your baby. Every parent reaches a point where they find themselves wondering if they’re truly ready. It’s a fair question! Growing and raising a baby is a lot of work, and it can be challenging to meet their every need. This is why centers like Marley and Moo Maternity were created. This innovative space has a number of different services to ensure you have all the help you need to take on parenthood. 

About Marley and Moo Maternity

Marley and Moo is a doula agency and full-service maternity center that’s on a mission to help families all across Houston. The agency was formed in 2017 by Latina Baxter. A mother herself, Latina wanted to equip moms to take on parenthood and feel fully empowered in every aspect. Marley and Moo has a diverse team of birth experts ready to help you prepare for parenthood. 

They have multiple birth doulas as well as postpartum doulas and lactation consultants. The agency supports all families, including adoptive families and those within the LGBTQ+ community. Expertise recognized the center in 2018 for providing the best doulas in Houston. 


Marley and Moo’s birth doulas provide unparalleled support regardless of your birth choices. Whether you’ve always dreamed of an unmedicated home birth surrounded by candles and family or would prefer a hospital birth that provides an epidural as fast as medically possible, your doula will have your back. They’ll work with you from the first few weeks to provide advice, answer questions, and help you draft your birth plan. 

You’ll receive a backup doula to ensure you still have assistance even if your doula can’t be there. They’ll be by your side throughout labor and provide gentle coaching at every step. The doulas all cross-trained to work as postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, and placenta encapsulators. They also have sibling doulas to ensure your little ones feel fully prepared to be promoted to big brother or sister. 


The postpartum doula services through Marley and Moo will allow you to enjoy the newborn phase. Your doula will help you recover while taking care of your baby when you need it. Your doula will watch siblings, handle grocery shopping, help with meal prep, take on light housekeeping duties, and even watch your baby so you can get some solid sleep. 

The agency provides childbirth and new parent education to ensure you have all the answers for this stage of life. You can take classes covering pregnancy and labor, preparing for multiples, and even being an outstanding grandparent. With Marley and Moo, you’ll feel ready to take on every stage of new parenthood. 

Marley and Moo Maternity

Pregnancy might be a time for anxiety, but there are professionals that will make sure you are fully prepared. With Marley and Moo Maternity, you’ll have expert help for every stage of growing a baby. 

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