Birth should be an empowering experience. You’ve grown this precious baby for months and learned their little movements and secret quirks. It feels as though you’ve spent this entire time preparing for delivery. So, when the power shifts from you because a doctor views you as just another patient, it can be frustrating and even traumatic. Midwives will let you prevent this situation by working with you to create a birth plan and ensuring you can see it through. If you’ve been searching for a Houston midwife to let you take control of your delivery, we would love to tell you all about Midwife in the Heights. This fantastic office lets people birth in a way that works for them!

Get the Care You Need at Midwife in the Heights

About Midwife in the Heights

Midwife in the Heights is a midwifery center started by Jackie Griggs, a certified nurse midwife. Since the 1970s, Jackie has spent her time getting both personal and professional experience. When she had her first two sons, she saw how hospital settings shut out parents. Jackie had her last three at home with the assistance of midwives. Throughout this time, she also went through nursing school and graduated in 1979. Over the decades, Jackie has continued to gain certifications and awards. She’s been present for over 1,500 births and treats each one with the same love and reverence. Today, Jackie works alongside Diana Nash, a certified professional midwife. You can visit their cozy office at 637 W. 20th in Houston. 


At Midwife in the Heights, Jackie and Diana specialize in out-of-hospital births. Their goal is to ensure you feel fully prepared to have a home birth that’s memorable in all the right ways. You’ll meet with your midwife from the beginning of your pregnancy for regular care. During each visit, she’ll spend 30-45 minutes with you to check on your pregnancy’s progress while answering any questions you might have. She’ll discuss your nutrition, check your blood pressure and weight gain, and allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. You’ll receive evidence so you can begin to make a birth plan. Once labor starts, she will ensure this plan is honored as much as possible while helping you relax. For the next few hours following your baby’s birth, she’ll continue to monitor you and assist you however possible. Once you’re in the clear, she’ll leave you to recover. You’ll have several postpartum visits to feel confident in your recovery. 


If you’re not quite feeling a home birth, Jackie and Diana can assist you with your delivery at the Bay Area Birth Center. This comfortable center gives you a home-like environment without all the prep work. At the birth center, you’ll have access to warm beds and oversized tubs to get through labor in the best way for you. 

Midwife in the Heights

If you’ve been searching for a Houston birth professional who will give you control over your pregnancy and delivery, we think you’ll love Midwife in the Heights. This center combines experience with compassion to give you a positive birth experience! 

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