Must have baby registry items

I do not claim to be an expert, but if I’m being honest, I might just be able to with how many hours I spend with newborns and parents of newborns on a regular basis! So often during a consultation or maternity session with first time parents, the topic of must-have baby items comes up, followed by conversations of what items have been a god-send during their newborn sessions. After years of these conversations and having my own babies, I’ve put together a list of tried and true, you-need baby items to include in your baby registry.

I remember how overwhelming it felt, the first time I created my baby registry for my oldest. I hope this list is helpful and provides some clarity on what is truly helpful while you put your registry together.

Side note: If you haven’t created your Amazon Baby Registry yet, do it now! You can send a link out to all of your family and friends during theses social distancing times. 


Must have baby registry items

I have this Baby Shusher in the studio, and I kid you not, half of my newborn parents purchase it during our session because of how amazing it is for sleeping babies. Perfect for travel – keep it in your diaper bag and you will forever love that you can help keep baby snoozing longer while away from home.

This white noise machine is perfect for babe’s (and your own) room.

For the long nights, up and down with nursing or feeding, diaper changes, changing clothes, or needing snacks throughout the night, you need this touch lamp. It is portable, soft light, and so simple to use during those barely-with-it times.

I cannot tell you how much I’ve invested in MAM pacis, but I promise it is a whole lot. My youngest was a paci-obsessed boy and MAM was his everything.

Mold and mildew resistant, folds to fit in your sink, and stores easily. What more could you ask for in a bathtub?

Your baby’s best nights sleep will be in this sleeper.

This would have been a game changer for me, had I had it when my boys were young. Many clients have brought their lounge along to sessions, and rave about it.

Necessary. Period.

And do not forget to add the water-resistant protective pillow cover. Or a few of them, honestly.

You cannot have enough Muslin swaddle blankets, I promise.

This was a great mattress.

Portable, easy to use, and effective, this hand pump won’t let you down.

This underwire nursing bra will your girls feel supported and loved.

Hands down, the best baby carrier.

If (which is never happening, but IF) I ever had another baby, this would be the car seat I would use! I’ve seen so many clients bring it in and everyone has nothing but great things to say about it.

And last but not least, this high chair is the best and there are a lot of super cute color options.

Must Have Baby Registry Items

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