Nativiti Birth Center for Comfortable & Safe Delivery Setting

Birth centers have been one of the best creations in recent history. For so long, pregnancy and delivery have been treated very cookie-cutter, giving parents little control regarding their deliveries. Birth centers change this by providing laboring clients with comfortable spaces where they can get through labor however they need. These centers typically comprise teams devoted to seeing your birth plan through and treating you with dignity and respect throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for a space to feel empowered throughout your delivery, I would love to tell you about Nativiti Birth Center

About the Nativiti Birth Center

Nativiti Birth Center was founded in 1995 in Woodlands, Texas, as a space for women to come throughout every stage of life. Jami Hain, a certified nurse midwife, currently owns the birth center. Jami has experience in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings. She loves the control she can give her clients by providing them with a less clinical yet safe space to deliver. 

Fellow CNM Sarah Owens joins her. Both women are equipped to care for everything from early pregnancy to menopause. The center features other staff, including birth assistants and sonographers. The team assists with about 70 deliveries every year. Their experience and compassionate care help ensure your birth experience is positive! 


The birth center offers some of the best prenatal care this side of Texas! Throughout your time here, you will meet with your midwife for quality appointments where you can ask any questions or address any concerns. Your midwife will listen to you and provide the best advice or answers. They’ll help you prepare your birth plan and ensure you go through pregnancy with a thorough understanding. 

The birth center itself is a home-like environment. The space features a comfortable waiting room and a full kitchen so your family can prepare meals after delivery. The beds in the room are warm and spacious, while the large tubs are the perfect place for the later parts of delivery. You’ll be able to move around the space and get through the contractions in the best way for you. Your midwife will be there for every step and ensure you’re doing well. 

Following delivery, you will continue to receive postpartum care from the center. Your baby will receive a newborn exam, and your midwife will ensure you feel prepared for recovery. In the weeks following, your midwife can check your healing progress.


The center offers gynecological services for women outside of pregnancy. Moreover, the midwives approach these appointments with care. You can receive pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams, and yearly well-woman checks. They also provide contraceptive counseling and natural family planning advice. 

Nativiti Birth Center

If you’re looking for a place that will make you feel empowered throughout your delivery, you will love Nativiti Birth Center. With a warm setting staffed by experienced midwives, your birth story will be everything you’ve dreamt of. 

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