When you welcome a second baby into your family, you might be wondering if your first will adjust well. Will they be jealous, or will they be besties from the very beginning? Our team has experienced these same thoughts, too!

Our clients often tell us that one of the most important pictures during their Houston area or Katy newborn photography session is a sibling picture. While this thought might be stressful, we can assure you that our team has many tips and tricks for, and lots of newborn and older sibling photo ideas. We've been doing this for over ten years, which means we know exactly how to get an older sibling (we're talking about toddlers!) to participate. In the moment you might think "there's no way!", but we promise that we can get those special moments, even if they only last a second.

Tricks to make sure your newborn and older sibling photo ideas come to life:

  • Hide goldfish or gummies beside or under baby, or even just inside their wrap. Telling kiddos "oh my gosh, your baby brother/sister has a treat for you. Can you find it?" really gets them to smile and engage.
  • You can smell baby's head and then ask them to do the same, and say it smells like cotton candy.
  • Unwrap baby's toes and ask them if their baby has stinky feet. They love this and it becomes a game!
  • If baby is in a basket, sit them behind baby and ask if their baby brother/sister has boogers. They will peek over to look, and it is the cutest picture!
  • One of our favorites is to have the older sibling stand on a stool or something similar, and then we ask them to use their muscles to help mom/dad hold up the baby.
heirloom picture of toddler boy, and a family picture during a newborn photoshoot
We asked the older sibling to touch the baby's stinky toes.
newborn and older sibling photo idea, where sibling reaches for a hidden snack
There was a goldfish he was reaching for, and we quickly edited that out in Photoshop!
mom, older sibling, and baby pose for a picture with their family dog
older sibling smiles for a picture with mom
Always take breaks with Mom. This helps kiddos reset and be ready for more instructions.
newborn and older sibling photo ideas
Show them how to hug first, because toddlers love to copy you.

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