When your newborn arrives, your older child might just feel out of sorts. And who could blame them? Now, they have to share that sweet, sweet attention with some brand new baby who never sleeps and never stops crying? It can be a lot to expect of them! This struggle can make events like scheduling newborn photos with a newborn photographer in The Woodlands seem nearly impossible. As family photographers, we’ve spent years navigating those complicated feelings to ensure parents could have gorgeous pictures with all their kids. If you could use a little help figuring out how to include siblings in newborn pictures, this newborn photographer in The Woodlands would love to share some tricks we’ve learned along the way! 

3 Ways to Include Siblings in Your Photo Session With A Newborn Photographer in The Woodlands

Let Them Be The Helper

As newborn photographers, one thing we’ve found really helps with our sessions in The Woodlands is letting the bigger siblings act as the helpers. Find lots of little jobs to do and use them as a distraction. At the beginning of our sessions, we’ll spend some time chatting with them and letting them take a few pictures. As we go through the portraits with just the baby, we’ll let them stick by our side and be our little directors.

Before long, they’ll forget about the fact that they’re wearing that much-despised button-up shirt or that they had to wear uncomfortable shoes that don’t light up. After all, who has time to worry about such small things when you have to keep the entire photo session afloat?

Be Sure to Give Them More Attention

No offense to your newborn; I know they’re a sheer delight. But it really doesn’t take a whole lot to cheer them up during these sessions. Just wrap them up like a burrito, and normally, they’ll spend half the time with your newborn photographer in The Woodlands snoozing. This is not the case for your toddler, who is bored, hungry, and tired. And oh yeah, have they told you yet that they NEED SNACKS?

During your session, be sure to give the lion’s share of the attention to the older sibling. We’ll also do our part to make them the star of the show. You can have them introduce us to the baby. We will also help you make sure the session feels like it’s telling the story of them as an older sibling rather than devoting all our attention to the sleepy newcomer. 

Allow Them to “Be in Charge”

The most helpful thing you can do for the older Woodlands sibling throughout the newborn session is to let them feel like they’re in charge alongside the photographer. It’s similar to all those times when you avoid a meltdown by having them make decisions, such as whether you should do the orange or the white box of Annie’s mac and cheese that day.

Ask them simple questions that will let them feel like the expert. While we’re posing them, ask your child if they can show you how they help you hold the baby. Or try out simple questions like “Where’s the baby’s nose?” or “Can you point to the baby’s feet?” Whatever you do, just don’t ask them about the baby’s eyes since kids tend to answer with a quick poke. 

We Hope These Tips From Your Newborn Photographer in The Woodlands Help Your Next Session

With these tips from a newborn photographer in The Woodlands, your older sibling can get through their portrait session without any breakdowns. And if you could use a little extra help, let us know! At Lentille Photography, we know from experience what it takes to have a happy photo session. We’re not afraid of tantrums, and we’ll do what we need to earn those precious smiles! We would love to tell you all about our session experience so you can decide whether we’re the team for you. Send us a message or click "contact" to find out more.

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