When should newborn photos in Houston be taken?

Our studio receives phone calls weekly, wondering if it's too late to take newborn photos in Houston. Sometimes parents forget to schedule their session and other times they've simply changed their mind and decided it's something they want to do. Thanks (or not!) to Pinterest, most parents are under the impression that babies have to be between 7-10 days old during their newborn session and that's just not true!

Our style is relaxed and laid back, and there isn't a whole lot of posing, so we invite babies who are 7 days or 7 weeks old to join us for a session. In reality, they can really be any age---you'll get a different look depending on how old and alert they are. We will always wrap them up, and truly we've always been able to make a six week old go from smiling at the camera to sleeping soundly for a few newborn-like pictures.

If you are feeling like 7 days is too soon for pictures, we don't blame you! Even if baby is ready for the session, sometimes parents need a little more time to recover from the delivery. We've seen that delaying the session a couple of weeks allows mom to recover and feel better, and that truly makes all the difference. There's really no rush to get these pictures taken with our studio, and while we do encourage you to reserve a date with us during your second trimester, you can absolutely get home from baby's delivery a rest a bit before coming to see us.

Mom, Dad, and newborn daughter snuggle newborn photos in Houston
Photo of a baby girl during her newborn photos in Houston
Mom and newborn baby snuggle during their newborn photos in Houston, Texas.

Where can I take newborn photos in Houston?

The coziest studio in Houston for your newborn photos

We've got a cozy studio located in The Heights, full of everything you could ever need. From newborn diapers to snacks and drinks...a hair and makeup artist waiting for you + wardrobe for your entire family. It's the perfect place to come and relax before taking newborn photos with your family.

While we do offer in-home as an option, coming to the studio has it's perks. Everything is waiting for you, you don't have to worry about cleaning your home or having everything camera-ready, and we know that the lighting and furniture/props look perfect in pictures. It takes away all variables and ensures that your newborn photos are actually enjoyable. Our Houston studio has become known for being a "one stop shop" (as our clients call it) for your newborn photos in Houston, and you can arrive in sweatpants and a messy bun and we will do the rest!

mom snuggles and poses with baby girl during her newborn photos in Houston
Newborn photos of a baby girl and her parents
Photo idea for a newborn baby girl

When should I reserve my newborn photos?

While we always try our very best to keep a few dates open for last minute sessions, our calendars typically fill up a couple of months in advance. Many of our clients who are expecting a new baby choose our Early Years Membership, so they see us for a maternity session, newborn photos, a sitter session when baby is around 6-8 months old, and then finally for a family cake smash to celebrate their first birthday.

All of these sessions can be scheduled and reserved when you are in your second trimester. It takes that off your plate, we can start all of the planning, we can reserve hair and makeup, and you ensure that your baby's first year of life is documented through pictures.

Newborn photos are just one milestone that you'll want, and our Early Years Memberships ensure that the best milestones throughout baby's first year are remembered.

Your newborn photos in Houston offer hair and makeup, full wardrobe for the family, and a private studio
A backlit newborn photo in a Houston photography studio
Dad and baby snuggle during their newborn photos in Houston, Texas

Who should you hire for newborn photos in Houston?

We might be a good fit if you are looking for a full service photography studio in Houston. What does this mean? It means that we've thought of and taken care of literally everything during our time together. We've been there, done that with our own photography experiences and want families (especially mamas) to enjoy their time with us.

This means we offer hair and makeup services, we have a Studio Wardrobe for the entire family, we have a cozy studio stocked with snacks and drinks, we have close to 20 years of experience in wrangling toddlers and negotiating with husbands, and we promise that you'll leave going "oh my gosh, that was amazing". Want proof? Head over to Google and read our reviews---they don't lie!

We aren't a good fit for your newborn photos if you are wanting pictures of just baby, you want only a few photos, you want something super posed, or maybe you like a style different from what you see on this blog post. We want to make sure you are happy, so we are always good with recommending someone who might be a better fit!

Family of three snuggle and pose during their newborn photos
Your newborn photos in Houston are full service, providing hair and makeup, wardrobe, and everything else you could need!
Mom holds baby for newborn photos
Photo ideas for your next newborn session

Schedule your newborn photos in Houston, Texas

Ready to hear more about our experience? We'd love to chat about doing a session together, send over pricing and details, and start the reservation process. Simply client below to get started.

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