North Houston Birth Center for a Relaxing Birthing Journey

Pregnancy and childbirth are truly miraculous phases of life that should be celebrated! Finding a team of professionals to help you find comfort, fun, and joy throughout your journey is key to keeping your eye on the prize and relaxing into this experience. At North Houston Birth Center, their small team of professionals is dedicated to helping you have as easy and comfortable a birth experience as possible, with plenty of holistic care to help you get to the ultimate goal - your happy, healthy baby in your arms.  

About North Houston Birth Center

North Houston Birth Center is run by two empowering and professional women, Kathy Vande Giessen and Brenda Solano. Kathy is a Certified Nurse Midwife with over 23 years of experience. She also holds a Master's degree in nursing and a Master's degree in business. After over 20 years as a labor and delivery nurse, Kathy was drawn to midwifery to help families have an empowering birth experience based on their own decisions. 

Kathy’s partner, Brenda, was born and raised in Houston. Now she works hard to ensure the North Houston Birth Center operates smoothly. Additionally, they provide their clients with a seamless, customer-driven experience. She is also a Certified Medical Assistant and a doula. So you will likely see her in the birth room, too! There is a small supporting team of additional doulas as well as a consulting OB/GYN physician. 

A mother holds up her toddler girl, both wearing white dresses in a studio north houston birth center


Families who choose North Houston Birth Center for care usually seek a comfortable, gentle experience. You’ll receive personalized care from start to finish. Wherever you are in your journey when you first come to the center. They offer services like fertility support for those trying to get pregnant, birth control for those trying to avoid it, and well-women care to maintain overall health and wellness. 

Once you’re pregnant, North Houston Birth Center will provide your prenatal care, including ultrasounds, nutrition and health counseling, childbirth classes, and plenty of education on childbirth so you can make your own decisions regarding your experience. 

The Birth Center has several large birthing suites with large, comfortable beds and deep jetted tubs to use for comfort as you labor (and for waterbirth, should you choose it!) There is also plenty of comfortable space for your entire birthing team! As well as cozy, home-like amenities that will help you feel welcome in their space. 

A mother in a white dress lays on a wooden bench in a studio while holding her baby above her and kissing it north houston birth center


When it comes to classes to help you prepare for childbirth, North Houston has a variety to choose from. And they’re not just your average classes, either. Their Mindful Birth classes help you learn how to use breath and gravity to have a shorter birth. Meanwhile utilizing movement adapted from belly dancing, African dance, and Latin dance. 

Additionally, their Hypnobirthing and Hypnomother series teaches moms-to-be how to rely on their instinct, using breathing, relaxation, visualization, meditative practice, positive body toning, and more. So you can confidently bring your baby into the world with a sense of peace and calm. 

Their Dancing for Birth Classes help you dance your way to a happier and healthier pregnancy and a quicker and easier birth. This fun class was designed to help you celebrate your pregnancy, your body, and your vibrancy! 

North Houston Birth Center

Check out the North Houston Birth Center’s website for more information on their team, plenty of photos of their facility, and details about their philosophies and classes!

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