Dresses for Maternity Sessions

The Nothing Fits But Kiko dress has been so popular among our clients, and our Studio Wardrobe has various colors and prints to choose from. As always, the cream works with every mama's skin tone, hair color, etc. If you are looking for what to wear for your upcoming maternity session, this is a great option.

nothing fits but dress kiko in a maternity session

How to Choose Other Dresses

As we choose what dresses to wear during your maternity session, we opt for other styles that are complimentary to each other. This ensures all images will work together when planning wall art or an album, and nothing will "stick out". The idea is that the clothing you choose will enhance your images but not be the focal point.

If you really want to choose dresses that bring interest to your pictures, opt for various textures and fabrics. As you see below, after choosing the cotton Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress, we opted for a satin gown. Two totally different fabrics and textures, yet the go together beautifully. This satin maternity gown is a one size fits all, and is beautiful with a bump.

satin gown to wear during maternity pictures
nothing fits but dress during a maternity photography session

Mii Estilo Convallaria Maternity Dress

This Mii Estilo Convallaria Maternity Dress can be found here. Clients really love how comfortable this dress is, along with the fit and overall color. It goes well with creams and even tans, too.

satin gown to wear during maternity pictures

Maternity Dresses With Lace

We added some more dresses with lace and a delicate texture, which creates such a beautiful gallery and interest to the eye. Scrolling through all of these dresses, the images flow nicely and choosing framed artwork, or album spreads, will be easy because of the neutrals and textures that we incorporated.

nothing fits but dress

It's fun to shop, but keep in mind that our Studio offers a size-inclusive wardrobe for your entire family. This means no shopping, returns, and we do the laundry!

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