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A mother holds her daughter in a studio while tickling her foot

What we can offer you is: simplicity, confidence, and a White Claw. Along with...
-Professional hair & makeup connection to make you feel like a queen
-Cohesive, size inclusive wardrobe for the entire fam
-Flexible online scheduling + breezy on-the-go appointments
-The most gorgeous photo studio & private outdoor locations
-One creative design & ordering appointment

-Ready-to-display artwork & albums, delivered to your doorstep

As parents, isn't stress kinda non-negotiable?

So I'd never claim to offer "stress-free" photos (aka the impossible).

Honestly, we can do better...how about we make your session worth looking forward to instead? Dare I say FUN, even amidst the stress?

you had me at white claw. sign us up!

shortening your to-do list

and adding family photos to your want-to-do list

Here’s how—





grow & repeat


show up


This is the hardest (and best) part of the entire process — seeing them grow out of their cute jammies, hearing their funny pronunciations becoming a little clearer, and the feeling as days slip into weeks.

Let’s make remembering their milestones easy by marking another session on the calendar…

Approximately three weeks after our session, we will reach out to you to schedule your complimentary Design and Ordering appointment! Pick your favorites and tell us about how you imagine them being displayed in your home. Any digital files you choose will be available for immediate download.

Physical prints, albums, and framed artwork will be professionally made and delivered to your home in the coming weeks!

The day of your session, our hair and makeup artist will be waiting for you! Afterwards we will go through the Studio Wardrobe together to pick outfits that compliment one another, with a color palette that works with your vision.

Then we’ll get you all settled in the studio, or head to the Arboretum, and break out the cameras!

Before you can mark your calendar, hop into our inbox and let us know where to send the details! A signed contract and creative fee is all we need to get you scheduled.

Before your session we can chat about reserving Aleya, our hair and makeup artist, or other preferred vendors we love for your session.

couldn't open my calendar fast enough

Mom and sons outside at sunset during a family photography session with Lentille Photography

Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photography Sessions

monica k

Katy, Texas

Every time Allison sends me photos from our sessions it brings tears to my eyes, because they are just SO DANG GOOD. She really has a special way of capturing your family. She makes photo shoots quick, easy, and relaxing (whattttt?!). My husband even made a comment after our session about it actually being a fun experience!


These days only happen once & our pricing is easy.

Want to bring your OG fur baby along for the maternity session, wrap your newborn in a blanket passed down from generations, or go all out for your little one’s first birthday? We’re here for it all! No matter how big or small, we can customize your session to meet your every want or wish.

Studio cake smash with siblings at Lentille Photography's Houston Height's studio
Family of four in a field at sunset for a maternity session with Lentille Photography

Single Session

The Early Years Membership

900 Creative Fee to reserve your membership | Digital files & artwork purchased separately after each session

475 Creative Fee to reserve your session | Digital files & artwork purchased separately after your session

For special occasions, annual family photos, and random Tuesdays you feel like documenting this age/stage.

One session at the private Studio, patio garden, or the Houston Arboretum

Plan ahead and remember it all. During your pregnancy and baby’s first year, or to document your family through the seasons.

2-4 sessions over a year at the private Studio, patio garden, or the Houston Arboretum

Wardrobe for your entire family

Complimentary wall gallery and album design

Priority scheduling

Wardrobe for your entire family

$100 credit toward a matted album

A Design & Ordering appointment after your session

A set of 25 birth announcements or holiday cards

Welcome package in the mail

One set of Grandparents are included

Creative direction & planning

$200 credit toward an heirloom album after each session

A Design & Ordering appointment after each session

Complimentary wall gallery and album design services

One set of Grandparents are included

ready to make some memories?


my kid is walking chaos, what if they ruin the session?

Do you have clothes for everyone?

They won’t. Even if they can’t sit still — we’ll get the shot. Even if they don’t like strangers — they’ll love us. Even if you think they are some magical species of toddler we cannot conquer — they aren’t and we will.

Hell yeah we do! We have so many things to choose from (we just ask that dads bring their own pants) and it's ALL included when you reserve a session with us! We’ve never had a client that wasn’t able to find something they loved.

you mentioned outdoor sessions, what's that all about?

scheduling anxieties are getting the best of me, can you help?

We have permitted access to a private area at the Houston Arboretum — y'all it is GORGEOUS. Plus, it’s only 15 minutes down the road, making it easy to get ready with us at the studio before heading over! We typically reserve outdoor sessions early morning or late afternoon, when the lighting is optimal.

Our scheduling is flexible and our sessions are short and sweet! We will give you a couple times to choose from so pick a time that works with your kiddos schedule and if it overlaps with nap or snack time we guarantee our antics will keep them happy long enough for their session.

Prefer air conditioning and no bugs? Come earlier in the day for a family studio session.