Pinterest makes it all look so easy. From homemade baby food recipes to engaging toddler activities, that website exists to make us think we’re going to be the best parents in all of history. And then comes the actual baby. The activities are never as appealing to them as the Trader Joe’s bag in the hallway. There’s a 95% chance your baby will find the grossest thing on the floor to put in their mouth. And while websites want us to believe that creating the perfect nursery is as simple as possible, the rooms often end up a mess because babies tend to make you prioritize practicality over design. This is where RH Baby Houston comes in. By combining stunning nursery décor with functionality, the experts at RH make it possible for your baby’s nursery to be dreamy yet practical. 

About RH Baby in Houston

RH (formerly known as Restoration Hardware) has a bit of a reputation for upscale goods. Stephen Gordon founded this chain in California in 1979, but it quickly expanded across the country. For years, the company focused on producing luxurious pieces for adults until 2008, when it decided to also focus on nurseries and kids’ rooms. 

Today, the store operates over 70 galleries. The Houston location is in Highland Village and has a fantastic selection for Texas’s most stylish tots. 


RH Baby provides modern yet elegant furniture to completely transform your child’s room. Their cribs create a fantastic focal point for the nursery. At the same time, their sophisticated dresser/changing table combos will put everything within reach. The store carries a selection of different gliders to comfort you through those 2 AM feedings. Storage solutions are functional yet beautiful. 

Plus, the store has one of the largest collections of Greenguard Gold Certified Furniture, ensuring your purchase will put your child’s safety first. 

The store offers accents such as mid-century modern-inspired wall sconces and delicate chandeliers. Their rugs are soft yet practical, giving your child a cozy spot for tummy time. 

RH Baby has options for your playroom that will make the space feel elevated yet whimsical. From contemporary miniature chairs to Mongolian wool animal rockers, the playroom is about to be the best-decorated spot in the house. 


RH Baby offers design consultation to help you achieve the room of your dreams. The consultants are highly trained and have an eye for mixing design with architecture to create beautiful spaces. The consultants are driven by the philosophy that proportions drive design. As a result, their rooms are well-balanced and attractive. 

The store’s membership program allows you to save 25% with every purchase. Once you sign up, you can build a registry for baby showers. Any gifts purchased for you off this list will receive your member discount even if a non-member buys them. 

RH Baby Houston

If you’re in a rut trying to create a magical nursery, it’s time to let the experts at RH Baby in Houston help. Whether you just want to browse some adorable furniture or need a complete redesign from an expert consultant, RH Baby is here to help. 

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