We all have our unique styles. We know what makes us look and feel great, and we have tons of options to let us find our own fashion. So, why isn’t it the same for kids’ clothes? It feels like our kids are stuck to the same few options for their wardrobe. But we all know our kids are their own individuals, full of strong opinions on their favorite things. This is why boutiques that cater to different styles are so amazing. Not only does it allow you to shop locally, but it also lets your child find clothes that make them feel confident! If you’ve been on the search for a boutique with tons of options, I would love to tell you all about SANNA Baby. This chic store comprises the best in kids’ trends. 

About SANNA Baby

SANNA Baby was started in 2015 by Sarah Lucas. After Sarah had her daughter, she realized how few options there were for stylish baby clothes. She quickly went to work making her own. Sarah had learned how to sew from her own mother and used those skills to make gorgeous clothing for her baby. 

When people encouraged her to sell the items, she listened and began to sell pieces for babies and children. She mixed her capsule pieces with top brands and gained popularity through her online shop. Five years later, she opened up the first brick-and-mortar location in Kingwood and recently expanded to Houston. Nearly a decade later, SANNA’s mission remains the same: provide parents with one-of-a-kind styles suitable for any occasion. 

New parents hold and play with their smiling daughter in a park sanna baby


SANNA Baby has some of the top brands starting with newborn sizes and stretching all the way up to size YL. You can find labels from brands such as Angel Dear, Hayden, Rylee + Cru, and Mon Ami. Their clothing is stylish yet practical. You can find colorful sundresses, matching striped sets, and Texas-themed t-shirts. You can also buy cozy pajamas made from bamboo and onesies for the most fashionable babies. 

The shop has a special selection of women’s clothing and provides options for matching your little one. On top of their sleek tanks and modern flares, they sell sunglasses and Astro-themed accessories. 


The boutique has an impressive selection of toys for every child. You can buy adorable cars from CandyLab, wooden puzzles from DJECO, figures from Areaware, and complete figure sets from Calico Critters. The store also carries books covering many topics, including significant figures from history and pop culture, guides on endangered animals, and reimagined fairy tales. Your family will find books you’ll love reading over and over again! 


If you’ve been searching for a boutique with a great selection of trendy children’s clothes, check out SANNA Baby. This wonderful shop has everything you need for your child’s wardrobe. 

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