January marks the beginning of some very wonderful things for Lentille Photography, one of those being The Comfort Project.  There is so much that I see and capture through my lens, specifically children and something that comforts them.  It’s almost magic, really.  Whatever their comfort may be, it instantly makes their face and shoulders relax, a warmth comes over them, and they are okay….everything is right in the world.  Comfort is as unique as each of the children I photograph, and I just love seeing the magic that a tattered blanket, a chewed-on binky, or the twirling of hair can bring to a child and their need for security and comfort.

I will be sharing a different child’s story each month, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Jonah’s Story

My sweet Jonah Paul. He is baby number three, and he is four and a half years younger than my second child.  My heart longed for this baby for years before we knew he was coming. I knew that I would nurse him, but I didn’t know just how sweet this nursing relationship would be.  I nursed my first child for 3 months and my second for 11 months, but when they got a bit older and were long done with nursing, I missed it so much.  So, along came my sweet JP and I couldn’t wait to start this nursing relationship.  Nursing is Jonah’s comfort.  He doesn’t have a blanket, never took a pacifier, and doesn’t like to snuggle much on my lap unless he’s nursing.  Nursing is the only thing that can calm him when he’s upset.  He is now almost 13 months old and has learned to sign “milk.”  I am so thankful for the comfort he gets from nursing.  Seeing his sweet smile and looking into his eyes as he is latched is something I will cherish for years.  His first year was a very difficult and stressful time in our family and because of nursing, his little soul has not felt the weight of our struggles.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be needed so much and I get stressed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And when our nursing time is up, I will look back on this time with such a deep gratitude and fondness.  My sweet Jonah Paul, my last little love…he gets his comfort at the breast and, if I’m completely honest, this nursing relationship has been equally comforting for me. I will miss this when it’s over, but I am soaking in as much as I can now.
Breast feeding portrait outdoors by Lentille PhotographyNursing portrait outdoors by Lentille PhotographyHappy moment outdoors by Lentille Photography

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