While everyone wants to celebrate your newborn, it seems like no one wants to talk about the grittier aspects of motherhood. It hurts to walk, your hair has enough grease to restore a ‘67 Mustang, and no amount of deodorant can mask the smell of those early days of breastfeeding. Everyone tells you, “It takes a village,” but no one wants to provide it outside of dropping off some lasagna roll-ups in hopes that they can hold the baby. If you’ve been looking for someone to help you through those precious yet tenuous days of early parenthood, check out Tally + Bean. This postpartum doula is here to give you the relief you desperately need! 

About Tally + Bean

Tally + Bean is a postpartum doula service started by Natalia Block (Tally, for shirt). Tally was in the midst of receiving a degree in education when she experienced her own tragedy. In 2019, she went through a miscarriage that left her scouring message boards so she could feel supported. It was a topic no one wanted to discuss, but she needed a way to process it. 

When she graduated in 2021, she pivoted from education to getting certified as a doula. She wanted to support families the same way she had wanted to be supported. She now works to encourage mothers, whether they’re walking through a season of loss or are adjusting to life with a newborn.


As a daytime doula, Natalia provides different packages designed to meet your needs. Your service will start with a free 30-minute chat. Natalia will explain what she provides and discuss your needs. And then, she gets to work! Natalia will come to your house, provide a listening ear, and offer evidence-based information if you need it. She’ll also work on light household duties, including washing dishes, doing laundry, and tidying your space. 

If you need some help at night, Natalia offers this, too! During these 8-hour shifts, Natalia will let you get some rest, take care of your baby, and make sure you’re able to face another day of motherhood. 

While Natalia assists at any point of the postpartum phase, she does suggest that you reach out to her as early as possible. Because she tends to fill up, most clients book during pregnancy just to be safe!


Your family’s needs might look different than other families’ needs, and Natalia understands this. She helps with concerns such as sibling transitions and adoption/surrogacy support. Natalia accepts any clients and is inclusive of LGBTQ+ families. If you’re dealing with loss, she’ll sit with you and help you work on processing it. She provides non-judgmental support and will make sure you feel heard. 

Tally + Bean 

The postpartum phase can be a little chaotic, but with the right help, you can get through it! With Natalia Block at Tally + Bean, you’ll feel ready for anything this season has in store! 

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