Teething can be a nightmare for both parents and babies. Finally, you’ve gotten your child into a solid sleeping routine. You’ve beaten the dreaded four-month sleeping regression. You’re actually getting to the less demanding parts of the baby stage! And along comes a tooth to throw it all off balance. Three Hearts Apparel in Houston is the go-to shop if you’re trying to find the best way to get through the teething stage. This company gives babies and parents a sweet break from the terrors of teething. 

About Three Hearts Apparel

Three Hearts Apparel is a Houston company founded in 2017. The store began with two moms who wanted a safe way to help their babies through the teething stage. They began to create teething products by hand. They selected natural beech wood and food-grade, non-toxic, BPA-free silicone. In 2020, the company expanded to include products that made mealtime a little easier. 

While the shop sells most of its products through its site, it also sells through additional sites, including maisonette.com, to help fulfill the growing demand for its exceptional products! 


Three Hearts Apparel started out selling toys that satisfied every chomper. The store has gorgeous, thoughtfully made toys in various shades. You can buy teethers shaped as monstera leaves or ice cream cones. Their teething tubes are perfect for the back molars, while the soothers will calm your baby through even the worst crying fits. 

The store sells beautiful jewelry and clips, so your child is never too far from help. You can also buy stacking toys that encourage your child’s developmental skills between teething sessions. The best thing about these toys is that they’re food-safe and you can easily wash them in the dishwasher. 


A few years ago, Three Hearts began selling mealtime accessories through their newest division, Baby Bar & Co. Through the brand, you’ll find silicone cups, bowls, plates, bibs, and snack containers. The adorable plates have suction cups to easily attach to your baby’s high chair. 

While these plates can hold up to being thrown by the pickiest eaters, you don’t have to worry about them going anywhere! The dishware and utensils are travel-friendly and built to be stacked for easy storage. And just like the toys, they’re completely dishwasher-safe! 

Three Hearts Apparel

With Three Hearts Apparel, you’ll be ready once the teething stage starts! Check out this innovative store so your baby has the perfect source of help! 

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