When you’re pregnant, one of the first things you realize is that there are many ways to give birth. From natural home births to fully scheduled C-sections, everyone has their preferred methods, and they all have one thing in common: the desire to avoid pain however possible! This is exactly why water birth in Houston has continued to gain popularity in more holistic birth spaces. 

Water birth is the use of water throughout your labor. While some people use it in the early stages to get things moving, others rely on it throughout most active labor. The water inside these tubs is usually kept at your body temperature so you’re not getting chilled or overheated. 

By choosing a water birth, many people find that they’re able to relax, letting labor progress at a faster rate. Because water is buoyant, it will support your weight so you can easily move between positions. Water also lessens pain as well as decreases any tearing. If you have a low-risk pregnancy and have been looking for the perfect place for a water birth in Houston, we’d love to tell you about a few of our favorite spots! 

4 Spots for A Water Birth in Houston - Create the Birth Plan You Want


BioBirths is a Houston birth center ready for every aspect of your natural delivery! The center comprises passionate midwives who will meet with you for all your appointments and help you create the birth plan that works for you. All the rooms have built-in birth tubs to assist you throughout delivery. BioBirths has also created a peaceful, private area in the back so you can spend some of your labor outdoors.

Cy-Fair Birth Center

Cy-Fair Birth Center was started by midwife Patricia Ghaly for your natural birth. The center provides comprehensive packages that will take care of you from your very first prenatal visits to the months following birth. The birth center provides spacious tubs to help you out throughout any point of your delivery. Patricia also provides home birth services.

In Bloom Midwifery

In Bloom Midwifery is a practice that assists with both home birth and birth center deliveries. Their birth center is adjourned with cozy decorations so you can feel at home without worrying about any set-up. All the rooms have oversized tubs with chromotherapy lighting. The home birth services allow you to rent a tub that your midwife will bring to your house. 

Midwife In The Heights

Midwife in the Heights is a practice founded by two experienced midwives devoted to giving parents their ideal delivery. If you choose to have a birth center delivery, you’ll go to the Bay Area Birth Center during labor, where you’ll reside in a private room with a large tub for your birth. The midwives also assist with home births and can give you all the information about renting a birth tub, so you’re ready for your big day!

Water Birth Houston

Water births are hugely popular because they help parents take control of their births while still providing a relaxing experience. If you think a water birth in Houston is right for you, check out these spots today! 

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